The Blockchain Challenge

 The enterprise blockchain future is public – but the present is private.

How do you build towards a decentralized future with a private implementation?

How do you avoid the painful, possibly impossible migration to a public blockchain if your private blockchain product succeeds?

Orbs solves this dilemma with blockchain virtualization, allowing for a private, controlled virtual chain on Orbs’ public network. The result, enterprises can start with a private instance and evolve their project into a global, public network as adoption increases.

Key enterprise features


Deploy to a private, permissioned blockchain with the ability to switch to a public blockchain without painful migration. Test out the potential of blockchain for your business and then seamlessly transition to public use cases on the same infrastructure.

Interoperability & No Lock In

Orbs supports web oracles (smart contracts can access URLs) and non-deterministic computations and is interoperable with legacy systems and other blockchains. In addition, Orbs will be fully open-source and offers risk-free migration and testing.

Security & Scale

Ensure fast transactions at 1,000 transactions per second, backed up with SLAs. Orbs’ RPoS consensus ensures security by using small random committees chosen out of a large validator set and is Byzantine Fault Tolerant.


Enjoy onboarding and ongoing technical and business support with the Orbs Customer Success team.