ApeSwap lists Orbs Token

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


a year ago


ORBS, the native token of the Orbs Network, is now available on ApeSwap!

ApeSwap is a Binace Smart Chain (BSC) DEX with over 71 million dollars in TVL with a lifetime trading volume of over 17.9 billion dollars. ApeSwap is a DeFi hub for BSC supporting swaps, staking, lending, IDOs, NFTs, and more.

ApeSwap's stated mission is to provide accessible financial opportunities for the (crypto) masses through transparency, security, and support. The project is controlled by a community-driven decentralized autonomous organization.


Easily swap on BSC

Traders on ApeSwap can now seamlessly swap ORBS via the ORBS-WBNB pool containing almost 50K in total liquidity. In addition, traders can also add liquidity to the pool and earn revenue from trading fees, among other DeFi products that ApeSwap offers to earn yield.


Zooming out

Listing on ApeSwap strengthens the Orbs brand in the BSC ecosystem as Orbs continually builds towards a multichain future. In addition, ApeSwap has robust security, boasting over four security audits and an active bug bounty program enabling rewards for security researchers who help secure the protocol.

If you'd like to learn more about Orbs on BSC, join our Telegram or follow us on Twitter!

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