tal kol

Interests: react, javascript, mobile

doron aviguy

Interests: Crypto, Defi, Vanila JS, Go, Web

David Dayag

Interests: Finance, Crypto, ML

Daniel Zlotin

Interests: DeFi, Trading strategies


Interests: Big data, options trading


Interests: DeFi, Keto

Japan Guardian Orbs
Alan KIM

Country: South Korea

Kakao: 장투코인 69.5


Country: Japan


Country: Turkey

Keep G

Country: South Korea

코인문학 석창맨

Country: South Korea

Kakao: 인문학초대졸 석창맨

Use of Ethereum as a Base Layer for PoS and PoA Platforms

Category: Proof of Stake

Date: Feb 2019

Orbs Technology Overview

Category: Technology

Date: May 2019

Helix Consensus Algorithm

Category: Proof of Stake

Date: Apr 2018

Blockchain Architecture Considerations to Compete with PaaS/Cloud Services

Category: Technology

Date: Aug 2018

Coinbase Wallet

Supported devices: Android and iOS

Trust Wallet

Supported devices: Android

MyEtherWallet (MEW)

Supported devices: Android

How to Bridge Orbs Tokens onto the Polygon Network

Ecosystem: Polygon

Orbs is live on 1inch Exchange

Ecosystem: Ethereum

Orbs is live on SushiSwap

Ecosystem: Ethereum

ORBS is now live on Binance Smart Chain Via AnySwap Cross-Chain Bridge

Ecosystem: BSC

How to Bridge Orbs Tokens onto the Polygon Network

Ecosystem: Polygon

Orbs DeFi Grant Program

Ecosystem: Ethereum / BSC / Polygon

Orbs is live on PancakeSwap

Ecosystem: BSC

Daniel Peled

President and Co-founder

Nadav Shemesh

Chief Executive Officer

Nechama Ben Meir

Chief Financial Officer

Netta Korin

Co-founder and head of the Hexa Foundation

Ran Hammer

VP BizDev

Locking mechanism overview

A technical review of the locking mechanism in the new staking contract

Orbs Community Console

Orbs on-chain analytics dashboard by FlipsideCrypto

Orbs PoS Analytics

analytical tool for both Guardians and Delegators

Orbs PoS V2: The Age of Guardians Overview Document

Everything you need to know about the Orbs PoS Universe

Staking Calculator

Orbs staking calculator by Staking Rewards

Tetra Staking Wallet

The official ORBS staking wallet by the Orbs team

How to choose a Guardian

Proof of Stake

Reading Time: 5 min

How to choose a Guardian

Proof of Stake

Reading Time: 6 min

Orbs Token Integrity

ORBS token

Reading Time: 3 min

Optimizing Ethereum Gas Costs for Orbs Delegators

Proof of Stake

Reading Time: 5 min

Locking of Team Tokens

Token Distribution

Reading Time: 2 min


Personal Orbs blockchain that allows developers to easily test, run and deploy smart contracts


SDK for implementing clients for Orbs network in JavaScript / TypeScript


SDK for developers of smart contracts running on Orbs


Orbs node virtual chain core reference implementation in Go


Orbs platform protocol and service specifications, network architecture, etc


The starting point for writing a new application on Orbs platform




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