ORBS is now live on Binance Smart Chain Via AnySwap Cross-Chain Bridge!

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


3 years ago


ORBS is now live on Binance Smart Chain Via AnySwap Cross-Chain Bridge!

We are excited to announce that the ORBS token is now available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and can be swapped from the Ethereum mainnet to the BSC mainnet and back.

This integration is a result of work done by multichain.xyz utilizing the cross-chain bridge infrastructure they have developed. The multichain.xyz platform is based on Anyswap SMPC Network and is jointly developed by the Anyswap team and yearn.finance (YFI) founder Andre Cronje. Multiple projects like PancakeSwap have designated multichain.xyz as one of the best bridges to BSC today.

Swapping can easily be done directly on the multichain.xyz app in the following link:


You can find the bridged ORBS token contract on BSC here:


As always, exercise caution when working with 3rd party technologies, educate yourself regarding the risks involved and read all security audits.

Binance Smart Chain - a Rising Star in DeFi

If you’re following the crypto and blockchain ecosystem around us, you’ve probably noticed that DeFi is currently exploding with activity and public interest. New projects are being launched daily in a hype that resembles the web3 ICO boom of 2017. Even if you ignore the hype, look at the numbers and see that engagement is through the roof. Over $40 billion USD of value is currently locked and participating in DeFi projects.

While the Ethereum ecosystem is leading the pack, with well-known projects such as Uniswap, Maker and Compound all being developed on the Ethereum blockchain - BSC is not far behind.

BSC improves on some of Ethereum’s most acute pains at the moment such as transaction fees and transaction speed:

In the last couple of months, we are seeing more and more DeFi alternatives growing on BSC such as PancakeSwap (DEX), Venus (lending), autofarm.network (vault), and more. In addition, native support for EVM (same smart contract engine as Ethereum) and cross-chain bridges (such as multichain.xyz), allow for easy migration of projects to BSC.

On the day of writing this text, the 24h volume on Ethereum’s Uniswap is $1.4B. The 24h volume on BSC’s PancakeSwap is $1.7B. These numbers are very impressive.

It will be fascinating to see how it all plays out.

Explore more about Orbs and DeFi

In the past couple of months, the Orbs project has been prolific in the DeFi space.

Watch this video from KBW 2020 by Orbs co-founder, Tal Kol, to learn about Orbs unique advantages in DeFi (this was the most-watched video in the conference btw).

Here are some of the current projects Orbs is working on:

DeFi.org accelerator

On January 11, Orbs and Binance exchange announced that they are teaming up to promote innovation in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space by serving as the first core sponsors of the DeFi.org accelerator, which bootstraps new projects and DeFi protocols.

Liquidity Nexus

Liquidity NEXUS is the newest DeFi project by the Orbs team for bridging the gap between CeFi and DeFi.

Read more here.

Orbs DeFi Portal

The Orbs DeFi Portal is a project by one of the Orbs project prominent contributors: Paradigm Fund. The portal aggregates everything you need to know about Orbs and DeFi in one place - real-time market data for Orbs liquidity pools, Education materials and how-to manuals for swapping and adding liquidity, research papers, and more...

Orbs DeFi Grant Program

As a decentralized project, Orbs understands the power in community contributions and is always looking for ways to further expand the number of contributors developing the network and ecosystem.

The full details of the grant program are available here.

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