Orbs Is Featured on Bubble Maps V2 by Moonlight

Olga Chef
Olga Chef


2 years ago


We're happy to share that Orbs has been added to Bubble Maps V2.

See it here!

Bubble Maps is a powerful visualization tool and Moonlight's top product. It offers a new way to explore on-chain activity by providing different token contracts with a map that shows how top holders have interacted with each other, revealing deeper connections between wallets.

The Orbs Network is a community-led project that values openness and transparency, always welcoming new tools the community can use to deeper explore the on-chain activity  of the project's ecosystem.

So, what exactly is a bubble map? Let's take a deeper look:

Bubble Maps Announces V2

The Bubble Maps project has recently announced Bubble Maps V2 that enables the following features:

  • Integrated to both Ethereum and BSC chains

  • Complements BscScan/EtherScan by highlighting how top holders interact with each other

  • Each bubble represents a single wallet

  • Only the top 150 wallets are loaded

  • A bubble's size is proportionate to its holdings

  • Two bubbles are connected if there was at least one historical

transfer between the corresponding wallets

Let's Take a Look at the Orbs Bubble Map

Let's dive deeper into the Ethereum Bubble Map of Orbs which showcases an overall healthy distribution of the ORBS token across the network:

As mentioned above, the map shows 150 bubbles that represent the top 150 holders and each bubble size is proportional to its holdings. The biggest bubble of the Orbs Bubble Map belongs to Upbit exchange and holds 12.87% of the ORBS token supply (you can check it out inside the Wallets List on the top left corner), while the second biggest bubble drops to 2.21%. We also notice that there is very little connectivity between the top 150 wallets.

*Note that certain known wallets, such as the Orbs long term reserves and the Orbs staking contract (bubbles #1+ #2 are in hide mode)

This shows that there is a healthy distribution of the ORBS token across the network, with no big whales, or cluster of wallets, who can act maliciously and manipulate the token price.

In addition, we can also see that some of the big wallets belong also to exchanges. For example, the red bubble in the central cluster showcases the Bittrex exchange with interconnected wallets around it. You can also see that some of the top bubbles belong to Okex, Coinone, Kucoin and FTX exchanges.

Another Tool for Orbs On-Chain Analytics

Bubble Maps by Moonlight is an awesome way for exploring on-chain data through powerful visualizations. Featuring Orbs on Bubble Maps provides the Orbs community with another helpful tool that can assist users to visualize ORBS token activity across a wide range of wallets.

Orbs Bubble Map is another cool addition to the existing on-chain tools and features that are already accessible to the Orbs community, such as PoS analytics, Staking info, and the Orbs community console by flipside.

Stay tuned for more information and updates in the official Orbs Twitter and Telegram channel.

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