Orbs Welcomes Onboard a New Guardian


2 years ago


Orbs team is thrilled to welcome aboard a new Guardian, D-Kuru!

As you know, Orbs' current PoS model - "Orbs Universe V2: The Age of Guardians", empowers the Orbs Universe Guardians to take an active role in building and maintaining a secure, scalable network that will be the first choice for blockchain adoption.

The Orbs team had a chance to discuss some of D-Kuru's thoughts on the Orbs project and his role as a Guardian that we are happy to share with you.

D-Kuru aims to represent the Orbs community, maintain the security of the network and uphold its long term vision, investing time and effort in the network's success. He became a Guardian with the major purpose of raising awareness of the Orbs project and enlightening the community with the technology innovation Orbs brings into the blockchain space.

D-Kuru's Backstory from Banking to Blockchain

D-Kuru has recently decided to dedicate more time to blockchain in general and Orbs project in particular. He even considered taking a risk and pursuing a serious career shift, leaving behind his past role in a compliance department of a major Japanese bank.

D-Kuru joined the Orbs community back at the launch and since then he is supporting the project and the community, sharing the team's vision and suggesting possible solutions to help the project flourish by spreading its message to a wider audience across the globe.

Some of the biggest challenges D-Kuru faced working in the banking industry are lack of transparency, high transaction fees, numerous bureaucratic issues, as well as insufficient social security. From this experience, he believes in the hidden potential of the blockchain system, which is decentralized and immutable by nature.

D-Kuru is excited that the world is moving towards understanding the need for transparency in monetary transactions which comes into being through the power of blockchain technology.

Empowering Orbs Community

The Orbs new Guardian has a clear vision of how to strengthen and empower the project's community. He believes that the core strategy for supporting a great community is reaching the right people at the right time with precise messaging, being open and transparent, while accurately stating the project's underlying goals, plans, strives and actions.

Message from D-Kuru

"I have been active in the blockchain industry since 2017 and invested in several tokens. Orbs stood out among numerous projects and tokens I focused on and soon enough became special to me. Here're some of the reasons why I chose Orbs. First, Orbs's business strategy is always up-to-date with a well analyzed industry overview; second, Orbs has always been responsive with a warm support desk. I will do my best to support the project and convey Orbs messages to the community, so please follow me", says D-Kuru.

You're more than welcome to check D-Kuru's website, Twitter and LINE.

Thanks to D-Kuru for joining the Orbs Universe as a Guardian and for sharing his views with us.

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