Guardian Spotlight: TZM!

Eddy Kim
Eddy Kim


2 months ago


A new guardian has joined Orbs' proof of stake network! It’s TZM! TZM is an independent validator who has been in the Orbs community for a long time. For those unfamiliar, TZM is a long-term, supportive member of the Orbs Korean community.

Orbs’ newest Guardian comes at the right time. Orbs has been experiencing product adoption with many integrations for leading DEXs. There have been over 10 integrations for dTWAP and dLIMIT, and Liquidity HUB recently had its fifth integration with SpookySwap!

Orbs asked TZM some questions to understand their approach to becoming a Guardian and their thoughts about the Orbs project. We hope this helps people who are considering choosing their guardians to participate in the Orbs proof of stake network!

1. Welcome and thank you for joining the ranks of Orbs Guardians! How long have you been following Orbs?

I joined crypto in March 2021 when the market was hot. While researching the market, I heard about Orbs, which is proof-of-stake-based. Subsequently, I joined the community of another guardian, WhaleCore, in November 2021. Since then, I’ve been following and supporting the project.

2. What do you think is the best part and what do you anticipate the most from Orbs?

Orbs is allowing protocols to be more competitive by utilizing its L3 products, especially Liquidity Hub, which is Orbs’ most recent use case for DEXs. I am looking forward to seeing its growth as it is Orbs’ first revenue-generating product, which is essential for the ecosystem and project.

3. As a Guardian, you will have delegators in the future. Is there anything you want to say to your future delegators, such as how you run it or your communication channels?

I'm still learning more about how to organize my community within the Orbs ecosystem. Along the way, I've built deeper trust with the Orbs team, and based on that trust, I've been able to stay with Orbs for a longer period as it has reassured my trust in the project.

I will do my best to provide information and build trust for both current and future Orbs community members, but I would like to say that mutual trust is more important than anything else. Let's do our best together.

4. Lastly, is there a message you would like to send to the Orbs community?

As I mentioned earlier, I personally think that the best way to succeed for everyone building the project and the community is to be transparent and truthful, based on mutual trust. To achieve that, transparency is required as a precondition.

So ‘trust’ is the message I want to emphasize.

Let’s go Orbs!

Thank you.

Orbs’ network continues to grow both in integrations and community participants working together to secure the network and support our growing number of integrations. Most recently with SpookySwap Liquidity Hub and PancakeSwap dTWAP & dLIMIT. Guardians are paramount in ensuring the network continues to function.

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Learn more about Orbs PoS here.

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