Introducing the Revamped Website

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


2 years ago


Orbs is excited to launch the project’s revamped website for the release of Orbs 3.0

With the recent release of Orbs 3.0 and everything that has been going on with the Orbs project, the team felt that the existing website needs to undergo a major overhaul.

And that’s exactly what we did…

The revamped website contains everything you need to know about the Orbs project, with focus on Orbs’ layer 3 technology, coupled with spectacular design.

Having a clear and concise website is extremely important as it serves as a focal point of information and content for community members, as well as anybody new to Orbs.

So what are you waiting for?! Check out the new website here:

A Fierce New Color Palette

Probably the first thing to notice in the new website is the bold choice of color palette, or as we like to call it: psychedelic pastel meets defi.

We thought that the black background is a little too “formal” and does not fit the “essence” of Web 3.0. The result is a somewhat strange but captivating color palette, and we love it!


Updated Orbs 3.0 content

So the design is fabulous, but let's not forget that it's all about the content!

The new website has all the updated content on Orbs 3.0, including a new webpage dedicated to Orbs’ layer 3 technology.


In this page you’ll find valuable information about Orbs as a layer 3 infrastructure project and its role in the next evolution of DeFi protocols. The page also contains high-level explanations about the Orbs execution services: Orbs lambda and Orbs VM.

Please Note

We hope you enjoy the updated website and invite everyone to browse through the content and get back to us with any feedback you might have on our social channels: Twitter | Telegram.

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