Announcing the New Orbs Media Page

Olga Chef
Olga Chef


2 years ago


We're happy to announce that we have updated Orbs' Media Page on Orbs Network website. Feel free to check it out and bookmark it so you can stay up to date on all Orbs happenings.

This is a great time to highlight the fact that over the past year, the Orbs project has frequently made headlines and has been featured by many top media sources, such as Nasdaq (1B+ monthly users), Yahoo Finance (~1B monthly users), ( 46+M monthly users), and Bloomberg (76.4+M monthly users). These articles have generated discussion across multiple social media platforms and various forums.

Orbs was fortunate to draw interest from top-tier media sources and news channels, specifically with respect to Orbs' two latest major announcements.

First, Orbs' Layer 3 value proposition - the new idea that the Orbs blockchain will act as a separate layer on top existing EVM-based L1s and L2s to enhance the capabilities of smart contracts and DeFi applications - made the headlines:

More recently, Orbs' pioneering PoS V3 Multichain Staking Proposal, which represents a unique approach to putting proof-of-stake on two different chains, drew interest from media giants.   Here are just some of them:

With all of this activity going on, Orbs' newly revamped Media Page is the place to find all of the "hot news" and big announcements, featuring the major events happening at Orbs: the project's tech innovation, recent achievements, cooperation plans, releases, new tools, challenges and future goals.

Orbs Media Page already covers more than 100 big announcements, featuring various aspects of the Orbs' project:

  • Insights into the Orbs ecosystem from a wide range of external media sources
  • Trending news & updates
  • Mentions of Orbs in the news in a chronological order

Don't miss any of the upcoming announcements and events. Stay tuned for more information and updates in the official Orbs Twitter, Telegram channels and now also Media Page.

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