New Orbs Guardian Spotlight: Coin H

Eddy Kim
Eddy Kim


9 months ago


Please join us in welcoming the newest Orbs Guardian to the Orbs proof of stake network, Coin H! Coin H is an independent validator who seeks to help further Orbs novel L3 technology. For those unfamiliar, they are an active long-term, supportive member of the Orbs Korean community.

Orbs’ newest Guardian comes at a time of growth for the project. Orbs’ technology has been rapidly integrated with DEXs who are interested in dTWAP and dLIMIT order types. This is in parallel to OIP-5, a governance proposal that decided whether a function within the Orbs staking should be utilized to recover funds from wallets that have their private keys compromised. As such, Orbs Guardians have an increasingly important role to play in the Orbs project.

We sat down with Coin H to understand their intention to become a Guardian, their beliefs regarding L3 technology, and their insight on how they will vote on future proposals.

1 - Thank you for supporting the Orbs network! Can you explain your interest in the project?

First, when I joined the crypto space, I was looking for which crypto project to get involved with, and through another Guardian, I learned about Orbs.

I got to know the project through the community, the Guardians, and the Korean team Orbs team members. Since Orbs was trying to build a new L3 technology, and updated the community with project development every single month via a live stream, I became interested in Orbs. So, I applied to become a Guardian.

2 - Could you tell us more about your community?

I don't have a community at the moment. It might slowly start to develop, but I will communicate this via Kakao community chat or my blog. If you come to the official Orbs Korea community, you can learn more about Orbs and myself.

3 - In the latest governance vote, OIP-5, how would you[did you?] have voted? Could you share your decision-making process surrounding how you would vote on future proposals?

I voted to 'approve' OIP-5. The reason I voted for it is that there is always a risk of hacking in the digital age and more so in Web3. If your hard-earned assets are gone, you risk falling into great loss and despair. So, protecting community member’s assets by restoring the compromised wallet was important to me..

Regarding how I voted, I am also a stakeholder, and as such I think it is beneficial to hear other stakeholders' perspectives when voting on proposals.

4 - What are your opinions surrounding the dTWAP & dLIMIT and other L3 use cases?

I feel that the crypto world changes fast. In line with the change, Orbs makes exclusive L3 infra to make DeFi better and more efficient. This is an attractive point about Orbs and can absorb more usage, and in turn users will get more interested in the Orbs project.

5 - Any message to the Orbs community? Anything you'd like to add?

Compared to other Guardians, I don't have that big stake of Orbs. But I became a Guardian to see Orbs' future development and even be part of it. Being a Guardian means that I will have more responsibilities in the Orbs network and will do my best to help it succeed.

I recommend you to apply for the opportunity!

The growth of both the project and Guardian membership is paramount to the success of the Orbs project. Special thanks to all builders, Guardians, and community members helping propel Orbs to new heights. As use cases of Orbs technology continue to grow, so will the need for honest, independent Orbs validators.

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