The Open DeFi Notifications Protocol Update: The Beta Version Launch is Coming Soon!

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


3 years ago


Orbs supporters know very well that the project keeps hitting new milestones on its way to untapping the potential of Orbs in the DeFi space. Orbs' unique hybrid architecture is

the core element that allows interoperability with EVM compatible blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and, Avalanche, which are the leading venues in terms of asset liquidity and user engagement.

As part of this process, and in parallel to the tremendous ecosystem expansion the project undergoes, Orbs continues to work within the DeFi.Org Accelerator as a design partner in developing and enhancing the functionality of the Open DeFi Notification Protocol - an open initiative to provide DeFi users with decentralized and free mobile notifications for on-chain events. Moreover, the Open DeFi Notifications Protocol is the first project that the Orbs team participated in that demonstrates Orbs' unique Layer-3 capabilities.

A Quick Reminder

The Open DeFi Notification Protocol is a community led initiative to provide users with decentralized and free mobile notifications for on-chain events.

With a quick 30 minute integration on Github, any DeFi project can provide its users with free mobile notifications for important events like accumulated pending rewards, price swings, near liquidations, stop loss, contract upgrades, new governance votes and more.

Furthermore, as was noted above, the Open DeFi Notifications protocol is also an example of Layer-3 innovation, as it is utilizes a layer of infrastructure that can read a variety of activity on underlying Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchains and provide information that allows DeFi users to execute more sophisticated and dynamic strategies. We believe this is a critical piece of the DeFi infrastructure puzzle and its impact on the industry could be massive.

Here is a video example

of a user in action setting up a notification in Aave to monitor health factors getting low (risk of liquidation).

Another strong point of the protocol is that it is chain agnostic and designed to integrate with any ecosystem.

Notifications are an Absolute Must When Money is at Stake - Never Miss A Crucial Alert

Have you ever encountered a situation when the price collapse took place and you weren't alerted beforehand? This is exactly what the DeFi Notification Protocol enables. Now you can get alerts on a wide range of crucial on-chain events you can't miss.

Here are just a few of the benefits the DeFi Notifications can offer:

  • Be alerted on stop-loss when buying a newly released moonshot.

  • Be updated on the price movement and TVL increase

  • Be notified on the contract upgrade event

  • Notifications are a free core blockchain service accessible to anyone - no subscription fees or ads

  • It's very hard to miss an alert

  • Multi network support: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and more

  • The notifications are community-led and open - public and decentralized alert nodes

You're more than welcome to read the official blog post announcing the protocol and providing an in-depth explanation on its functionality.

So, What's New?

Now, when we've had a quick reminder of the core idea of the project and went over some of its features, we're thrilled to update you that the Beta Version launch date is coming very soon! Hold on and don't forget to follow us to stay updated on the exact launch day, promise, it's coming soon.

For those who have missed our announcements - the Alpha Version of the Defi Notifications is already live and available on AppStore and Google Play. It's time to check it out!

Currently, our development team is proceeding with testing the Beta Version of the DeFi Notifications Protocol, to make sure everything is running fluently.

For the latest updates, join the official Orbs Twitter and Telegram groups.

Also see the channels for more information about the happenings in that community.

The app and protocol are in beta and their use is subject to risks. Use of the app is subject to the terms and conditions set forth at

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