ORBS was added to Coinhippo, a crypto market and portfolio tracker!

Shawn O'Donaghue
Shawn O'Donaghue


a month ago


Orbs, the native token of the Orbs Network, has been added to Coinhippo, a coin-tracking website providing rich analytics on cryptocurrency tokens. Coinhippo provides a fundamental analysis of the digital currency market. In addition to tracking price, volume, and market capitalization.


CoinHippo's Comprehensive Data

CoinHippo’s stated goal is to provide its users with comprehensive and accurate cryptocurrency data, as well as up-to-date relevant information and content on the crypto market. By adding the ORBS token to its platform, CoinHippo is enabling its users to easily track and analyze the performance of the Orbs project.

Key Features of CoinHippo:

  • Real-time Price Data: Stay informed about the latest price movements of ORBS and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Market Capitalization: Monitor the market capitalization of ORBS to gauge its relative size and importance within the broader cryptocurrency market.
  • Trading Volume: Access data on the trading volume of ORBS, helping you understand its liquidity and market activity.
  • Historical Data: Study historical price charts to identify trends and patterns over time.
  • Community Insights: Discover the latest news, social media mentions, and community discussions related to ORBS.


Why ORBS on CoinHippo Matters

The addition of ORBS to CoinHippo's extensive list of supported cryptocurrencies underscores the growing recognition of ORBS as a significant player in the blockchain space. As blockchain technology continues to evolve and gain mainstream attention, projects like ORBS contribute to the ecosystem's diversity and innovation.

Whether you're a crypto veteran, a curious enthusiast, or a developer looking to explore new opportunities, CoinHippo's inclusion of ORBS ensures that you have access to reliable and accurate information.

In Conclusion

Orbs has always been an open-source, permissionless project. Transparency and accountability among the Orbs community and stakeholders have always been key values for the project. Coinhippo provides a comprehensive analysis of the Orbs network, making it a good place for new users to learn about the project.

About Orbs

Orbs is a blockchain infrastructure project. Have been around since 2017, with the network and token live since 2019. Orbs is now focusing on building use cases supported by the network and tech.

The most used apps on Orbs now are dTWAP and dLIMIT - these are limit order and TWAP protocols that are 100% decentralized, EVM compatible, and can integrate with most DEXs. Currently live with multiple DEXs such as QuickSwap, SpookySwap, Thena, Chronos, and more.

The project is being developed by a dedicated team of more than 30 people, with team members in Tel Aviv, London, New York, Tokyo, and Seoul.

For more information, please visit www.orbs.com, or join our community at:

Telegram: https://t.me/OrbsNetwork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/orbs_network

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