ORBS is now available on Megaton Finance

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


a year ago


The ORBS token has been added to Megaton Finance, a newly-launched AMM-DEX on The Open Network (TON), as an official launch partner!

Megaton Finance is a much-anticipated DEX-AMM platform on TON. As a launch partner, Megaton has decided to include the ORBS pool as one of the project's launch initial pools. The ORBS-USDC pool is now live with $50k of initial liquidity!


This announcement follows the recent official partnership news by Orbs and Megaton Finance. It solidifies Orbs presence on TON, as the ORBS token can now be bridged back and forth onto the TON chain using the Orbit bridge and swapped on the TON chain using the ORBS liquidity pool on Megaton DEX.


Megaton: The Gateway to Borderless Finance

Megaton Finance is a project by Ozys, a leading blockchain technology company based in South Korea. It aims to become a link that connects the TON blockchain to the DeFi ecosystem by connecting it with other Layer 1 chains, such as Ethereum. With its launch, Megaton Finance is planned to be the first autonomous financial protocol within the TON network that provides yield farming opportunities such as swaps and pair deposits.


Megaton Finance plans to become more than only an AMM mechanism protocol that provides revenue, its goal is to be the main gateway to Web 3.0 through continued upgrades and integration with Telegram in the future.

Orbs is excited to collaborate with Ozys in projects such as Megaton Finance and Orbit Bridge. Similar to Orbs, Ozys recognizes TON’s potential to advance blockchain technology mainstream adoption, and Orbs is eager to work with such a strong player in the space.

Solidifying Orbs presence on TON

Megaton Finance is the second DEX on the TON chain to add the ORBS token after TonSwap. Orbs integration into multiple leading DEXs on TON is an important milestone to advance Orbs expansion on the TON chain.

In addition, this announcement follows the release of 2 major contributions by Orbs: TON Minter and TON Verifier. Minter has already assisted developers in deploying over 450+ Jettons and was added to the TON Foundation's official domain and Verifier already covers a large portion (estimated 80%) of the contracts on the TON chain.

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