ORBS is now live on SpookySwap!

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


2 years ago


BOO! 😱😱😱

Did we scare you? Good! Because we have some big news for you -

We are excited to announce that the ORBS token is now available on SpookySwap, the leading DEX-AMM on Fantom!

SpookySwap is the biggest DEX-AMM on Fantom, with just under $1bn in total locked value (TVL) and over $150M in average daily trading volume.


In a recent blog post we announced that the ORBS token is now available on Fantom using the Multichain cross-chain bridge between Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche and Fantom. In addition, the Orbs token address was added to FTMScan, the leading Fantom block explorer.

Following these successful integrations, Fantom users can now swap and add liquidity to Orbs pools on SpookySwap!

Let’s Get Spooky With It

There are currently 2 active ORBS pools on Spooky, the largest of which is ORBS-USDC with over $110k in total liquidity. When searching for the ORBS token in the tokens list, you may need to add the ORBS token by entering the ORBS contract address in the search bar.


As always, before embarking onto a new chain, there are several things you need to remember:

  1. Set up a Fantom compatible wallet: If you’re using the Metamask wallet, here is a quick guide on how to configure Metamask for Fantom.
  2. Choose a cross-chain bridge: We recommend using the Multichain bridge as described in our recent blog post on the subject.
  3. Fund your wallet with FTM tokens: You can now bridge ORBS tokens into your Fantom wallet. In addition, make sure to send some FTM tokens - FTM is the native token on the Fantom network used to pay transaction fees.

You are now ready to use SpookySwap on Fantom!

1st Major Integration on Fantom!

Orbs’ expansion into the Fantom ecosystem is off to a great start with this integration to Spooky, the largest DEX-AMM on Fantom!

With this latest integration, Orbs is now available on 7 major infrastructure chains: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, Harmony and Fantom. In addition, Orbs can be found on well over 30 of the major DeFi platforms and protocols on each of these chains (such as UniSwap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, Kyber Network, 1inch, Alpaca Finance, Beefy Finance, QuickSwap, DinoSwap, Raydium, Trader Joe, Pangolin, SpookySwap, with more to come in the near future...).

Fantom is one of the fastest growing DeFi ecosystems, offering a lot of untapped potential. Orbs is just getting started on Fantom, expect more news to come soon!

Please Note

Use of SpookySwap, the Multichain bridge, FTMScan, the Fantom mainnet and the other platforms and services described above carries significant risk. Digital assets, decentralized finance products are, by their nature, highly risky, experimental and volatile. Such platforms and services may be subject to security and economic risks and exploits and transactions may be irreversible, final and without refunds. Such use carries risk of substantial losses.

Any use of any platform, application and/or services described above is at your own risk and you are solely responsible for all transaction decisions. You should do your own research and independently review any third-party services and platforms and any applicable information terms, conditions or policies applicable to such platforms and services.

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