Orbs Added to KogeFarm Vaults

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


3 years ago


We’re excited to announce that the ORBS-USDC pool on DinoSwap has been added by KogeFarm to their active vaults!

You can find the Orbs vaults on KogeFarm in the following link:



KogeFarm is a yield optimizer platform on the Polygon network that utilizes the unique L2 features of Polygon to boost farming rewards. Due to Polygon’s very low transaction fees, KogeFarm auto-compounds farming rewards every 5 minutes to achieve maximum efficiency.

As always, exercise caution when working with 3rd party technologies and educate yourself regarding the risks involved.

A Strong Start for Orbs on Polygon

Orbs recently announced that it has bridged the ORBS token to the Polygon network. Soon after that, several Orbs pools were created on QuickSwap, the leading DEX-AMM on Polygon.

This strong foundation for Orbs on Polygon was the key driver to launch the Orbs Extinction Pool on DinoSwap, which now boasts over $1.7M in liquidity.

Orbs DinoSwap

The successful onboarding of Orbs into the Polygon Ecosystem continues with yet another integration with a leading project: KogeFarm. This is an important step to further solidify Orbs presence on Polygon as well as attract a larger user-base to get familiar with the Orbs project.

Side Note: What is the Difference Between APY and APR?

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate, while APY is Annual Percentage Yield. The difference is that APR does not include compounding effects. For example, If you were to invest $100 with 100% APR, you would make $100 in profit. If, however, you reinvest your profits regularly, you will compound your interest. This compounding, calculated over a year gives you the APY. The more often you compound your interest, the greater the difference between APR and APY.

Orbs APY

As can be seen above, this difference can be quite significant, making Vaults very attractive products for DeFi users.

Please Note

Use of the KogeFarm platform, DinoSwap, Quickswap and the other platforms and services described above carries significant risk. Digital assets, decentralized finance products, especially those that utilize margin or leverage, are, by their nature, highly risky, experimental and volatile. Such platforms and services may be subject to security and economic risks and exploits and transactions may be irreversible, final and without refunds. Such use carries a risk of substantial losses. In particular, the use of products that utilize margin or leverage magnifies exposes you to a risk of liquidation and full loss of your position.

Any use of any platform, application and/or services described above is at your own risk and you are solely responsible for all transaction decisions. You should do your own research and independently review any third-party services and platforms and any applicable information terms, conditions or policies applicable to such platforms and services.

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