Orbs Announces the “TON-Access” Public Launch

Ran Hammer
Ran Hammer


a year ago


A couple of months ago, Orbs introduced TON Access, a reliable and decentralized RPC provider created specifically for TON dApps making HTTP queries to blockchain state from the browser. This is an essential function for dApps, because it allows the frontend client running on users’ browsers to communicate with the contract on chain by calling getters and sending transactions

Since then, TON Access has been production-tested and gained a lot of traction from TON dApps.

Today, Orbs is excited to announce the public launch of TON Access as a fully operational, robust service to the TON ecosystem!

TON Access is powered by the Orbs Network. Orbs is one of TON's most prominent ecosystem contributors, with projects like TON.vote, TON Minter and TON Contract Verifier. Orbs is also a participant in TON’s ecosystem fund in an effort to support ecosystem growth.

TON Access: A short recap

TON Access is the most reliable decentralized RPC network for TON dApps. It provides unrestricted, anonymous access without an API key.


TON Access was created after learning from some of the failings of Ethereum where many popular dApps have Infura, a centralized business, as the default RPC provider for making HTTP queries to the chain.

This inevitably creates a centralized single point of failure in dApps that otherwise aim to be fully decentralized. As a result, various decentralized projects such as pokt.network were created in the Ethereum ecosystem to overcome this problem. TON-Access follows a similar design.

Widely used by TON dApps

In the 2 months since the beta release, TON Access has amassed over 100,000 monthly users, using TON Access to send an average of 1.9M requests per day!

These include some of the most popular dApps on TON, such as:

  • Megaton Finance: the biggest DEX on TON by TVL
  • TON API: The leading TON blockchain explorer
  • TON.vote: the official TON DAO governance platform
  • And more…


TON Access supports all popular RPC protocols on TON including:

Developers on TON can easily get an RPC endpoint for their dApps from TON Access by copy-pasting a short code snippet into their dApp client code. Get your RPC endpoint here.

Learn more in the TON Access Github README.


Powered by the Orbs Network


Orbs Network has dozens of independent validators running Proof-of-Stake consensus with staked assets valued at ~$100 million. The network has been running on mainnet since 2019. By routing your dApp RPC requests through Orbs validators, you maintain decentralized access to the TON blockchain.

The TON Access public launch follows several TON-based dApps developed by Orbs, several of which have been endorsed by the TON Foundation (TF) as official TON ecosystem tools. These include TON.vote, developed with the TF as a design partner and used by them for the first ever proposal vote.


Orbs continues to believe that The Open Network will be the blockchain of mass adoption, as the project grows increasingly intertwined with the Telegram messaging app.

Join the Orbs official Telegram channel to keep track of the latest news on Orbs and TON!

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