Orbs Collaborates with IntentX to Pioneer the Next Generation of On-chain OTC Derivatives and Spot Trading

Ran Hammer
Ran Hammer


2 months ago


Orbs has recently announced its expansion into on-chain derivatives through a strategic collaboration with SYMMIO.

In the same blog, we outlined the monumental potential for on-chain derivatives and how Orbs can become a major player in this market using its novel layer 3 technology and RFQ protocols such as Liquidity Hub.

Today, Orbs is excited to announce a collaboration with IntentX, the leading decentralized on-chain OTC derivatives exchange!

Orbs' combined collaborations with SYMMIO and IntentX position the project in a unique place to become a major player in the growing on-chain derivatives market.

Let's dive in on how Orbs intends to achieve this.

IntentX: The Future of Decentralized Derivatives

IntentX is a next-generation OTC derivatives exchange offering perpetual futures trading.

One of IntentX's key components is SYMMIO's intent-based (or RFQ) core contracts that are used to settle trades and facilitate trade agreements between traders and solvers. Simply put, IntentX is the quotation marketplace where trade is coordinated, and SYMMIO is the settlements layer.

The use of SYMMIO's backend allows IntentX to offer a superior product versus current derivatives solution, through enhanced capital efficiency and access to better liquidity.

IntentX is live with over 250 tradable markets and up to 60x leverage.

Orbs and IntentX: Taking On-chain RFQ to the Next Level

Orbs has recently launched its flagship product: Liquidity Hub, a decentralized aggregated liquidity protocol for DEXs powered by Orbs' layer 3 technology.

Liquidity Hub is a decentralized optimization layer that operates above Automated Market Makers (AMMs). This layer mitigates the problem of fragmented liquidity in DeFi, enabling DEXs to tap into external liquidity sources to provide better prices on swaps, using its decentralized RFQ mechanism.

The protocol is already in production on Quickswap (the largest native DEX on polygon) and Thena (3rd largest DEX on BNB Chain), with tens of millions of dollars in trading volume.

The strategic collaboration between Orbs and IntentX will focus on potential use cases in the on-chain derivatives space using Orbs layer 3 technology. Such use cases include among others:

  • Integrating Liquidity Hub into IntentX for RFQ spot trading on the IntentX platform 

  • Expanding IntentX's spot trading via Liquidity Hub to Base and Arbitrum chains

  • And more

Orbs - SYMMIO - IntentX: A Powerhouse Trio for On-chain RFQ Trading

In conclusion, the collaboration between Orbs, SYMMIO, and IntentX forms a powerhouse trio that positions itself at the forefront of on-chain RFQ trading innovation.

Orbs will play a pivotal role as a technology provider by integrating its Liquidity Hub protocol into intentX's frontend for RFQ-based spot trading, as well as using Orbs' layer 3 technology to enhance SYMMIO's contracts. This is in addition to Orbs' investment into THENA, another popular UI venue for perps that is also leveraging SYMMIO's technology.

Together, Orbs, SYMMIO, and IntentX can have a major impact on the on-chain derivatives market and help take it to the next level by realizing its potential to overshadow traditional DEX-AMMs, just like in off-chain trading platforms.

Stay tuned for more updates by following Orbs on Twitter and joining the official Orbs Telegram group.

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