Orbs Liquidity Hub Expands to IntentX on Base!

Ran Hammer
Ran Hammer


16 days ago


IntentX, a decentralized intent-based perpetual platform, has integrated Orbs Liquidity Hub as its main spot engine!

As a result, IntentX users will now have access to spot orders in addition to the thriving perp marketplace. The liquidity is sourced from Liquidity Hub by Orbs, aggregating both on- and off-chain sources to achieve competitive pricing.

This collaboration marks the fourth deployment of Liquidity Hub and the first on Coinbase’s L2 chain, Base. Perhaps more significantly, it marks a new phase of Liquidity Hub and how it’s integrated. This is the first integration without a DEX AMM, IntentX has purely integrated the Hub for the sole purpose of aggregating liquidity.

Liquidity Hub stands as a hallmark of innovation in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, conceptualized and built by the Orbs project. It operates on the principles of complete decentralization, open access without permissions, and composability. Thanks to this integration, traders on Base utilizing IntentX can now tap into the full liquidity potential offered by the network, without incurring any additional costs.

Orbs is a decentralized protocol executed by a public network of permissionless validators using PoS, staked with tens of millions of dollars in TVL. Orbs pioneers the concept of L3 infrastructure, by utilizing the Orbs decentralized network to enhance the capabilities of existing EVM smart contracts, opening up a whole new spectrum of possibilities for Web 3.0, DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi.

How Liquidity Hub Works

Liquidity Hub is a DeFi infrastructure project aggregating all of the deployed chain's liquidity and adding in additional sources from off-chain.

Instead of the typical swap on a DEX, Liquidity Hub instead sources from:

  • On-chain solver auction: Third-party solvers who compete to fill swaps using on-chain liquidity like AMM pools or their own private inventory.

  • Decentralized orders via API: Decentralized orders are accessible using API, enabling institutional/professional traders, such as market makers, to submit bids and compete to fill swaps.


Continuing the Standard

The Liquidity Hub protocol, powered by Orbs L3 technology, has become the industry standard for achieving the best price across ecosystems.

To date, the protocol has previously been implemented by Quickswap on polygon, Quickswap on polygon zkEVM, and THENA on BNB chain.

If you have any questions regarding Liquidity Hub, please join Orbs’ Telegram channel.

Further readings:

About IntentX

IntentX is a next-generation OTC derivatives exchange offering perpetual futures trading.

At the heart of IntentX is a combination of technological innovations that usher in the next generation of on-chain finance. The platform leverages several cutting-edge technologies, cross-chain communication, account abstraction, and SYMMIO, a zero-to-one breakthrough settlement layer that addresses critical challenges in delivering on-chain derivatives.

Combined, these technologies allow IntentX to offer omnichain deployment, lower fees, greater liquidity, enhanced capital efficiency, and improved scalability versus current solutions. IntentX launched its open-beta trading platform on November 15th, 2023 with now over 250 tradable pairs at launch, each with deep liquidity.

About Orbs

Orbs is a “Layer-3” public blockchain infrastructure project powered by PoS, pioneering on-chain innovation since 2017.

Orbs is a separate execution layer between L1/L2 solutions and the application layer as part of a tiered blockchain stack, enhancing the capabilities of smart contracts and powering protocols such as dLIMIT, dTWAP, and Liquidity Hub.

The project's core team comprises more than thirty dedicated contributors from Tel Aviv, London, New York, Tokyo, and Seoul.

For more information, please visit www.orbs.com, or join our community at: Telegram: https://t.me/OrbsNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/orbs_network

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