Orbs PoS Wallet Supports Multi-chain Staking

Eddy Kim
Eddy Kim


2 years ago


Orbs recently launched its PoS V3: Multi-chain staking which enables Orbs Delegators to stake their ORBS tokens on both the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

In addition to using the Tetra staking wallet, we are happy to announce that the Orbs PoS Wallet now also fully supports staking on Ethereum and Polygon!

You can download the Orbs PoS wallet app here.

The Orbs PoS wallet is an open-source, android-native staking app which is connected to the Samsung blockchain keystore and can be used with a Ledger hardware wallet. This is another important step to facilitate ORBS staking for Orbs Delegators from a wider range of tools and services.

Staking and Bridging using the Orbs PoS Wallet

So what’s new in the Orbs PoS Wallet app?

1) ORBS staking on both Ethereum and Polygon

The Orbs PoS Wallet now fully supports Orbs PoS V3: Multi-chain staking on Ethereum and Polygon. The app users can easily switch between Ethereum and Polygon in the UI to manage their ORBS staking positions on both networks.


2) Ethereum/Polygon ORBS bridging

Another cool feature of the Orbs Staking Wallet is a built-in Ethereum <-> Polygon cross chain bridge for transferring ORBS tokens between the two networks.

This makes it easier for Orbs Delegators to manage their staking position on both Ethereum and Polygon in one place!


As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on how to use the Orbs PoS Wallet (or any other Orbs related issue). The team would be happy to assist you in the Official Orbs Telegram channel.

Please Note

For more information regarding the Orbs PoS Wallet, please see the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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