Orbs Universe Gang NFT Collection is Going Live Today!

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


2 years ago


Dear Orbs enthusiasts,

It has been a long journey and the project wouldn't have come so far without the contributions of our amazing community. This is why, we've decided to show our gratitude and share with all of you a brand-new awesome NFT collection - Orbs Universe Gang, designed and dedicated to the Orbs community.

Hence, we're starting an exciting series of contests to give out the entire collection to the community. Each couple of weeks, a new contest will be held to choose the lucky winners.

Meet the Orbso NFT collection - 77 exclusively designed Orbso NFT cards, including a gang of 70 basic NFTs - Orbso Mobsters (divided into seven groups of ten), plus a special and even more exciting group of 7 unique NFTs - Orbso Bosses.

Check them out:

You can also view the entire collection on OpenSea in the following link.

Every couple of weeks, there will be a new exciting contest with its own rules; and for each contest you will get a chance to win one of the Orbs NFT heroes. First, you will have a chance to win the 70 Orbso Mobster NFTs (Mario, Cosmos,  Diver, Jedi, Lover, Gym and Grateful), divided into groups with unique backgrounds. The series of contests will culminate in the chance to win the Orbso Bosses (King, Thor, Barbie, Zombie).

So, how does it work? Each week a new contest will be announced with its own special challenges and rules.

How to win? Keep being an enthusiastic participant, follow each contest's rules & get a chance to win an exclusive NFT designed by the Orbs team.

To enter the contests you will need to meet certain rules.

Now, Let the Fun Begin. Orbs' First Meme Contest Starts...Today!

Share in the excitement & get a chance to win one of the unique NFTs designed by Orbs 🌎⚡️

To Enter the Contest:

1️⃣  Create an awesome #Orbs Meme/Artwork

2️⃣  Share your Meme/Artwork on Twitter and tag @orbs_network

3️⃣  Like @orbs_network on Twitter 

4️⃣ RT & like 5 tweets posted by @orbs_network

Fill out information for participants in contest #1 in this FORM:

🎯 Winners: 7

Starts: November 25th, 10:00 UTC Time

⏰ Ends: December 2nd, 10:00 UTC Time

🏆 Prize: each winner will get one NFT from Orbso Mobsters NFT cards collection

These are the NFTs you can win this week:

You have 5 days to follow the rules and get a chance to win!

So, who wins?! The creators of the Orbs memes with the 7 highest numbers of combined tags/ RTs/ likes will each get one NFT from the Orbs NFT collection.

Each participant can enter one meme.

🏁 Done? Cool! Perhaps, you will be the proud winner of a special Orbs NFT!

Participation is subject to the Orbs NFT Contest Official Rules, available at link

  • By participating, you confirm that you understand that the prizes are intended for the purposes of fun and showing pride in the Orbs community only and are not expected to have any economic or monetary value and that you accept such terms.

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