Orbs has been added to Coindar!

Shawn O'Donaghue
Shawn O'Donaghue


a month ago


Orbs has been added to Coindar: a leading crypto related calendar and event management platform!

The crypto space is always brimming with activity - from conferences and events, to AMAs, Twitter spaces and more… there is always something going on.

Coindar helps keep track of the action by providing a free calendar and event management platform where crypto enthusiasts can follow what’s happening in the crypto industry. If you want to always be up to date with your favorite project or show up at the suitable crypto event at the right time, Coindar is for you.

And now, with the addition of Orbs, Coindar users can keep track of the upcoming Orbs project events and announcements!

Keep Track of Orbs Upcoming events

Coindar is a web-based events calendar that allows users to track and manage cryptocurrency events. The website collects information on crypto events from various sources, including social media, and creates a direct line to developers and social profiles of various blockchain projects.

Coindar offers the following key services and features:

  • Cryptocurrency Calendar: Tracks upcoming listings, releases, hard forks and other events.
  • Notifier: Send notifications for selected coins via Telegram, web notifications or email.
  • Coindar Synergies: Event platform for cryptocurrency projects where users can win cash prizes.
  • Events API and Widget: A complete API for Coindar’s events and website widget.
  • And more…

In the Orbs page on Coindar, users can easily follow Orbs upcoming events such as Orbs participation in the last Zebu Live conference in London.


About Orbs

Orbs is a “Layer-3” public blockchain infrastructure project powered by PoS, pioneering on-chain innovation since 2017.

Orbs is set up as a separate execution layer between L1/L2 solutions and the application layer, as part of a tiered blockchain stack, enhancing the capabilities of smart contracts and powering protocols such as dLIMIT, dTWAP and Liquidity Hub.

The project's core team consists of more than thirty dedicated contributors spanning from Tel Aviv, London, New York, Tokyo, and Seoul.

For more information, please visit www.orbs.com, or join our community at: Telegram: https://t.me/OrbsNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/orbs_network

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