Orbs Named Official Host of TON’s hackathon TLV and London Exclusive Events

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


a year ago


Orbs has been chosen to host Tel Aviv (TLV) and London exclusive offsite events as part of TON’s first ever global hackathon!

Hack-a-TONx is a collaboration between the TON Foundation and DoraHacks for TON’S first ever global hackathon with a total prize pool of $300,000. The event is a series of hackathons that brings together Web2 and Web3 developers, technologists, and cypherpunks to prototype new blockchain-enabled products on TON.

This is also a great opportunity to learn about the TON ecosystem and FunC. Even if you aren't in the process of building on TON or don't yet have a team join us for either hackathon to build a strong foundation.


Anyone is welcome to join the hackathon. In order to win the prize pool, dev teams will need to build for TON mainnet or, if bridging over projects, build a new model tailored for the TON ecosystem. They can choose between different tracks such as: Fi+ (DeFi, Social, Gaming), Decentralized Digital Identity, Utility NFT / SBT, DAO, and more.

Apart from the $300,000 prize pool, winning teams will also get a fast track to opportunities with the $250M TONcoin Fund (which Orbs is also a part of), Security audit subsidies by top firms such as Certik, a chance to meet TON Foundation and VC/Investors, and other cool prizes!

Exclusive Offsite Events Hosted by Orbs

In parallel to the online global hackathon, exclusive 2-day events will be held at 14 prominent cities around the globe such as Seoul (South Korea), Istanbul (Turkey), Tokyo (Japan), and more.

Orbs has been chosen as an official sponsor to host two such events in London, England and Tel Aviv, Israel. In these workshops, promising teams will be mentored by TON’s best experts, who will hack with you for 48 hours and help you take your best shot towards winning the $300,000 prize.

The TLV event will take place on the 19-20 of February, followed shortly by the London event starting on the 25th of February.


Tal Kol, Orbs technical co-founder, and Shahar Yakir, Senior Software engineer at Orbs, have both been chosen as TON dev specialists at the London and TLV events respectively.

Tal has been recently named as a public ambassador of the TON blockchain for his outstanding contributions to the TON community. Shahar, who is an expert in TON’s programming language FunC, has been chosen as one of the 4 technical judges of the hackathon who will evaluate GitHub repos and code.

Orbs and TON - Ongoing Collaboration

The Open Network (TON) is a fully decentralized blockchain conceived by Telegram and developed by the open-source community. TON brings Web3 to mass adoption and is designed to onboard the next billion users. TON supports millions of transactions per second and will be available to 700 million Telegram users through a non-custodial wallet right inside the Telegram mobile app.

A few months ago, Orbs officially announced its expansion into the TON ecosystem as the first non-EVM L1 chain. Since then, Orbs has developed several L3 applications on the TON blockchain, including:

  • The recently launched TON-Access: a decentralized Infura for TON.
  • TON Minter: an open-source tool to launch jettons (similar to ERC-20 tokens on EVM networks) on TON with over 815 jettons deployed so far to the fast-growing TON ecosystem.
  • TON Verifier: an open-source application to publish verified source-code for on-chain contracts, with over 110 verified contracts to date.

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