Celebrating the Orbs 3 Year Mainnet Anniversary with a Special Promotion!

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


2 years ago


A New Orbs Era Has Just Begun!

March 29th 2022 marks the third-year anniversary of Orbs' mainnet launch, as well as the release of Orbs PoS V3. It's incredible to think about everything that the project has already achieved and the exciting outlook ahead!

It's been a fun and crazy ride - 3 years is indeed a big number in crypto years - during which the project has been through a lot: from surviving crypto winter, market-fit pivots, and much much more.

Through all of this, the Orbs community has been super active and involved and has shown a lot of resilience and loyalty. And of course we would like to thank the amazing ecosystem of token holders, developers, Delegators, Guardians, data providers & community members who have all been essential to the incredible building of Orbs.

So, now is the best time to celebrate this BIG achievement with a special promotion.

Ready? Here you go!

Announcing the Orbs Staking Promotion on Polygon 🎉

To celebrate the 3rd year mainnet anniversary and the launch of Staking on Polygon as part of Orbs PoS V3, we've prepared something really awesome - 3 Year Anniversary Promotion!

Get ready for 3 crazy weeks of promotion with 3x APR for staking on Polygon!

How Does it Work?

During the following 3 weeks you will get special triple rewards for staking on Polygon -

3 weeks, x3 rewards, 30% APR

Here are the full promotion details:

⏰ Starts: April 14th 2022

🏁 Ends: May 5th 2022

🏆 Prize: 30% APR total staking rewards (x3 the current rewards rate of 10%)

🌐 Network: Polygon (the promotion rewards will apply to Polygon staking only, not on Ethereum)

❓ How to participate: Staking using the Tetra Staking Wallet

Useful links:

Once again we want to thank the amazing Orbs community for this important milestone! May the 4th year of the Orbs mainnet be even more successful than all the previous years combined!

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