The Orbs Ecosystem Grant Program - Second Call for Grants

Ran Hammer
Ran Hammer


3 years ago


The Orbs project is now launching a new call for grants under the Orbs Ecosystem Grant Program (OEGP).

For this round, the focus will be on applications that will draw on the power of the Orbs Universe, with its Guardians and Delegators, using their ability to arrive at consensus through the Orbs protocol incentive layer powered by the ORBS token.

The full details of the grant program are available here.

Proposals can be sent to


The Orbs project, together with our community, is building a public and permissionless ecosystem. Orbs was born as an open source project and the Orbs team continues to strongly believe in the immense potential of open source collaboration and are always looking to work with others.

Recently, there has been a major expansion of the Orbs ecosystem, with a large focus on integrations with DeFi ecosystems.

The Orbs project is now ready to advance to the next level...

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Traction As Primary KPI

In the second call of the OEGP, we are looking for proposals that utilize the Orbs decentralized network of nodes and leverage Orbs Guardians to gain a competitive advantage.

We are looking for proposals that will contribute to ecosystem growth, measured by three traction related Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). The first is user activity, such as the amount of transactions and API calls performed by end-users. The second is the number of integrations with leading industry platforms and popular projects. The third is Total Value Locked (TVL) that engages with Orbs ecosystem products.

We are looking for proposals that will contribute to any of these three KPI’s.

Grant Opportunities and Proposal

To direct you towards proposal ideas, below are some examples of areas where we feel the Orbs network has a unique competitive advantage that can be leveraged towards meeting the KPI’s discussed above:

  • Data Indexing and Analysis Infrastructure
  • Notification and Monitoring Infrastructure
  • Bridging and Cross Protocol Infrastructure
  • Algo Trading Technologies and Infrastructure
  • Enriching EVM Contract Capabilities
  • Consumer Dashboards and Calculators
  • DeFi and NFT applications oriented at retail
  • Integrating existing Orbs Apps to new projects

These areas and examples are not exhaustive, we’d love to hear if you have ideas for projects that go beyond the above.

If you and your team have an idea for a grant proposal, please provide us with a proposal with the detailed information about your project listed in the grant program doc.

Selection Process

Once a proposal has been submitted, the Orbs team will undertake the thorough review process laid out in the Grant program document.

The OEGP Grant Committee reserves the right to alter this process as it deems appropriate, in its sole discretion. For example, in some circumstances, when projects are of significant importance to the Orbs ecosystem, the OEGP Grant Committee may push applications through on an expedited process.

Grant Delivery

Grants may be paid out in multiple installments and may be made in either fiat, cryptocurrency such as BTC and ETH or by delivery of Orbs Tokens. Such installments are subject to a payment schedule to ensure that predefined milestones are achieved. The OEGP Grant Committee controls payments and may assess milestone reports from grantees prior to follow-on payments. Orbs may not distribute follow-on payments for projects that do not hit their deliverables.

The full details of the grant program are available here.

Proposals can be sent to

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