Distributed Key Generation: Writing Smart Contracts and Combatting Bad Actors

David Yakira
David Yakira


5 years ago



The Orbs Network is approaching public beta release and the ORBS token release. Development work is surging ahead and we want our audience to peer into what we are putting together.

In this video, Orbs researcher David Yakira provides a high-level introduction to a crypto-economically driven Distributed Key Generation (DKG) protocol that uses the Ethereum blockchain as a mediator. Specifically, the participants of the DKG protocol interact with a smart contract in case they detect a problem. At this point, Ethereum determines who is to blame and redistributes deposits among the correct participants.

David demonstrates how the system works: from enrolling to the smart contract to the generation of the keys. Viewers will also get to see what happens when one node acts out of turn.

This presentation is a joint effort by Orbs’ researchers David Yakira, Ido Grayevsky, Avi Asayag, and Ido Zilberberg.

This is the first in a series of Orbs Talks, our new explainer video series featuring our research team and developer squad.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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