Introducing “TETRA Mobile”, a new IOS & Android staking application for ORBS

Eddy Kim
Eddy Kim


a month ago


About Orbs PoS Universe

Since Orbs launched in 2019, The Orbs Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Universe has been the backbone of the Orbs network and the Universe created. Generally, users can participate in the ecosystem by staking ORBS tokens in smart contracts using TETRA, the web-based official Orbs staking wallet dApp.

TETRA is the official ORBS staking dApp, providing connectivity to the entire POS network.  To stake Orbs, it is recommended that users should use a PC's web browser or alternatively, if using mobile, the embedded dApp browser. 

TETRA Mobile

Now for further accessibility, we are excited to introduce "TETRA Mobile" an official IOS & Android app for the Orbs POS network. The first wallet connected with this app is KLIP wallet. KLIP is a custodial wallet operated by GroundX(Kakao group). Integrating a custodial wallet may be a viable options for users who elect not to create a decentralized wallet fully controlled by their own backup, which requires sophisticated security measures.

You can download the app from the links below:

Supports other wallets

Orbs PoS Universe supports various crypto-wallets both on desktop and mobile.The majority of delegators use Metamask to interact with TETRA, this can be done via desktop as per usual. This has not changed with the launch of TETRA Mobile. If you are using other non-custodial mobile wallets such as Metamask, Coinbase wallet, or other mobile wallets, you can still stake with Tetra web version through an embedded dApp browser in their respective application. Also, we support Samsung blockchain wallet which is an embedded hardware wallet in Galaxy smartphones via the ORBS PoS Wallet application. With this app, you can connect a Ledger hardware wallet too.

Please Note:

  • KLIP wallet is currently available only in Korea.

  • TETRA Mobile is a beta version that is still under active development, and all underlying digital assets, blockchain networks, and external platforms are also subject to ongoing development, and as such, TETRA Mobile or the underlying platforms:

(a) may contain bugs, errors, and defects,

(b) may function improperly or be subject to periods of downtime and unavailability,

(c) may result in total or partial loss of funds.

Any use of any platform, application, and/or services described here is at your own risk and you are solely responsible for all transaction decisions.

For more information, please see the terms of use.

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