New Orbs Guardian Spotlight: KOLB & Beehive

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


a year ago


We'd like to welcome the newest Guardian to the Orbs Proof of Stake network, KOLB & Beehive. The four-member management team, KOLB, is opening the doors of their channels to the entire Orbs community, where they discuss alpha, crypto, and events impacting the space.

Their addition to the Guardian network follows behind three highly engaged governance votes with nearly 60% of the total staked ORBS participating in each one. We're excited to introduce KOLB & Beehive, so we asked them a few questions to help understand their position on Orbs & the broader web3 ecosystem. This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

1. What made you interested in Orbs?

I became involved in the project even before Orbs was first listed on Bithumb.

I also highly appreciated the Orbs team's strong human resources due to the nature of the ORBS token as a POS Coin.

Currently, in my personal opinion, I believe that regulation of POS coins will be a more important issue.

Therefore, I believe that Orbs team's sound financial ability and high understanding of crypto regulation will be a great strength compared to other projects.

2. What do you think of Orbs as an L3? And the strategy to improve existing Dapps?

All the blockchains started with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a blockchain for money. But now, with the birth of many platform coins, it is transforming into a currency for blockchain. As a result, I personally think Bitcoin and Platform Coins, especially POS Coins, have different roles.

Currently, many platform coins are used to maintain public blockchains such as gas and various Dapps fees, and there are very few coins to be used as currency. So I don't think platform coins should be viewed as just future money markets. As a result, investing in Orbs, a platform coin, is more like investing in the Orbs platform itself, not strictly the Orbs Coin. I think the concept of Orbs' L3 is very good because it focuses on helping develop various Dapps on the platform. In the end, I think the key is the development of Dapps, which can be adopted in large quantities on the Orbs platform.

3. How do you plan to engage and boost up your community as a Guardian?

I've been with Orbs holders for a long time as leader of a community that has already gathered about 100 holders for more than a year. Therefore, I would like to focus on making the community that we currently maintain more mature. I think there are two main roles of the Guardian.

1. Stable Node Operation: As a result, Korabel started as the Guardian Team for the first time in Korea through collaboration with a company with years of stable Node Operation experience.

2. Community Growth: The core of the community is the people who make it up. In response, KOLB&Beehive will provide a lot of support to the personal growth of mature Orbs holders, which we believe will help them overcome the long crypto winter without leaving as followers.

2-1: Legal experts are invited to the Korabel community to develop their ability to respond to regulations that will become more important in the future.

2-2: We will support educational programs to read Crypto markets. (Macroeconomic and various basic investment methods).

2-3: We will expand our knowledge of the Crypto market through cooperation with various communities.

2-4: Through regular off-line activities, we will strengthen our sense of community membership and bond (currently in progress).

2-5: We will regularly collect community feedback on the progress of the Orbs project and communicate with the foundation.

4. What is your impression of Orbs TWAP? Do you think this will facilitate interest and project growth?

There's a saying: Innovation is where money gathers, not where innovation takes place.

Even though currently Defi TVL has decreased a lot compared to the past, but if the crypto market is strongly activated again, I think the place that grows the most is Defi Therefore, I think it is a very wise judgment that the Orbs project has set its business direction on DeFi.

As DeFi is the place where money flows and gathers in the crypto market. As a result, I believe that if TWAP, which facilitates mass trading, is accepted in many places, it will certainly be a major contributor to Orbs' growth

5. Any message to the Orbs community? What would you like them to know about you and your organization?

Dear Orbs Holders, what do you think is the most important point of blockchain?

I can say that it is the pursuit of decentralization. (Not the achievement of decentralization). In the case of POS coins, the pursuit of decentralization is constantly concerned due to the Byzantine problem-solving issue, and even Vitalik has considered the last minute of the POS transition in the Ethereum white paper, and this concern is still in progress.

At the heart of any POS token's pursuit of decentralization is the "community" and the core of this community is to maintain healthy governance. In the future, many altcoins will disappear countless times under the stress of regulation and will bring great fruit to those who have invested in surviving projects. I hope you will pay a lot of attention to ensure that governance, a powerful weapon that can survive this regulation, is implemented at Orbs.

Currently, KOLB has gathered about 100 old holders behind closed doors over the past year to form a strong community. We discuss the overall situation of Crypto as well as Orbs, actively share information, and maintain a deep bond through offline meetings from time to time. Currently, KOLB operates with its own four-people management team, and after discussions over the past few weeks, it has decided to open it to all Orbs holders. Therefore, we will open the room at the time of reading this article, so if you want to participate, please contact us at the link below.

The display of strength by the Orbs community, also demonstrated in the recent Governance votes, as well as the participation of new stakeholders in the Orbs ecosystem such as leading crypto exchange OKX, is an important indicator of the Orbs project community's vitality and endurance.

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