The Open DeFi Notification Protocol - Public Beta Launching Today!

Ran Hammer
Ran Hammer


2 years ago


Time to share some good news!

The Open DeFi Notification Protocol, powered by Orbs, is Launching Public Beta today!

We are happy to share this update with the Orbs community. As you know, the Orbs team is highly involved in the DeFi space, and from time to time contributes ideas and tools to the greater DeFi community under As part of these initiatives, the team is happy to contribute to the Open DeFi Notification Protocol. In addition to being a super helpful tool to the community, this is the first project by the team that will utilize and demonstrate Orbs’ unique L3 positioning as a layer 3 execution protocol.

The Open DeFi Notification Protocol is now available on both AppStore and Google Play. You’re welcome to check it out and try it for yourself.

app store

The OPEN DeFi Notification Protocol - a Quick Recap

The Open DeFi Notification Protocol is a community inspired initiative to provide users with decentralized and free mobile notifications for crucial on-chain events:

  • Free for use — no subscription fees or ads!
  • Dependable — never miss an alert
  • Multi network support — Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and more
  • Community-led and open — public and decentralized alert nodes

With a quick 30 minute integration on Github, any DeFi project can provide its users with free mobile notifications for important events like accumulated pending rewards, price swings, near liquidations, stop loss, contract upgrades, new governance votes and more.

A First-rate Lineup of Launch Partners

Right from the launch we already have a top-notch roster of leading DeFi protocols having their platform integrated into the Notification App. These protocols are across multiple chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and Avalanche, and multiple functionalities: DEX-AMMs, yield aggregators and vaults.


Let’s take a closer look at the Open DeFi Notification Protocol Launch Partners & Supported Protocols:

The Open Defi Notification Launch Partners include: Orbs, QuickSwap, TraderJoe, Dot.Finance, Dinoswap, Revault Network, WOWSwap, & KogeFarm.

The Open Defi Notification Networks comprise of: Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, & Avalanche.

We are seeing a lot of interest for the Notification App from many other top DeFi protocols - stay tuned for more big names joining the list soon!

Set Your Own Personal Alerts!

Here are just a few of the benefits the DeFi Notifications can offer:

  • Be alerted on stop-loss when buying a newly released moonshot
  • Be updated on the price movement and TVL increase
  • Receive an alert when your position is closed to your liquidation threshold
  • Be notified on the contract upgrade event
  • Get a notification for high/low gas price on Ethereum
  • And many more…

Take a closer look at the following video to set up a “position worth” notification on QuickSwap:

It’s important to emphasize that the Orbs core team keeps contributing to the DeFi Notification Protocol, adding new sophisticated features and elevating the app functionality. So that we can already see more and more DeFi projects interested in providing its users with free mobile notifications for crucial on-chain events.

What’s Next…

We believe that real-time DeFi notifications are a critical piece of the DeFi infrastructure puzzle and its impact on the industry will be massive. Already we are seeing top protocols getting onboard to provide their users with this important functionality. We expect more top DeFi protocols to integrate the Open DeFi Notification Protocol and contribute additional notifications relevant for their use-cases and users.

Orbs is proud to be the first project to implement the protocol and contribute to the success of this initiative. The Open DeFi Notification protocol is also an example of Orbs’ Layer-3 innovation, as it utilizes a layer of infrastructure that can read a variety of activity on underlying Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchains and provide information that allows DeFi users to execute more sophisticated and dynamic strategies.

Stay tuned for announcements of additional protocols integrating the Notification app and adding new alerts and functionalities!

For the latest updates, join the official Orbs Twitter and Telegram groups.

Also, see the channels for questions, support, feedback or anything else you'd like to share about the Notification app.

Please Note

The app and protocol are in beta, under active development, and their use is subject to risks. Use of the app is subject to the terms and conditions set forth at

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