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Eran Peled
Eran Peled


3 years ago


For Developers, by Developers

Orbs is a permissionless, open-source blockchain infrastructure project. Blockchain allows communities to collaborate on running systems together, we see this as the next step beyond open source. A critical part of adoption is a hands-on experience by the developers themselves. Creating an optimal developer environment and tools is one of our top priorities.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular cloud provider in the world with a whopping 31% market share (Microsoft Azure cloud is next in line with 20% for comparison). Developers working on AWS find the most relevant solutions in AWS Marketplace - a  curated digital catalog used to find, deploy and manage third-party software and services on AWS.

In Good Company

There aren’t many blockchain providers listed on AWS Marketplace, Orbs is among the 58 listed which include names like VeChain, IOTA and QTUM.

When a developer searches for a blockchain solution, they are presented with Orbs’ AWS Machine Image (AMI). This virtual machine image contains everything needed to start developing on Orbs with one click. Amazon supports seamless deployment of AMI’s, so a working dev environment can run on the cloud within a few seconds.

Developing on Orbs

The current Orbs roadmap has a strong emphasis on DeFi. Orbs is developing a collection of protocols to help CeFi players and real-world businesses integrate with DeFi and take part in the incredible growth and innovation this industry is showing.

Since AWS is the most popular cloud infrastructure for real-world businesses, a strong presence on the platform is important for attracting developers towards the Orbs ecosystem.

The Role of Developers in DeFi

You’ve probably heard people describing DeFi as “money legos”. The main idea of DeFi is that every contract is interoperable with every other contract. Since all contracts are pure code with well-defined API’s, working together is easier than ever.

Consider a developer who is creating a DeFi product like a vault and needs to add a trade feature - for example, to harvest daily SUSHI rewards and sell them to ETH. In the traditional CeFi world, they would find a third-party trade solution, set up a meeting with the sales or biz dev team, go through multiple cycles of discussions and approvals, sign some agreements and only then eventually start developing. In the new world, all they need to do is take a look at the SushiSwap contract on-chain (or many on-chain alternatives like Uniswap), see the API available to anyone on-chain, and start developing straight away - without talking to anyone.

It sounds amusing, but developers are taking over many of the biz dev roles in DeFi and become the primary conduit for collaboration. The Orbs philosophy was always developer-centric. The Orbs project is among the industry leaders in open-source with over 180 open source repositories on Github.

For developers, by developers.

Learn More

To learn more about developing on Orbs, check out the usage information on AWS or hop on to https://docs.orbs.network

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