ORBS PoS Info App is now Launched!

Eddy Kim
Eddy Kim


3 years ago


Since Orbs PoS Universe started with the launch of mainnet in March 2019, many Pos info tools have been developed. In particular, since last year’s update to the PoS V2.5 “AGE OF GUARDIANS”, the staking method has changed and the technical maturity and contract complexity have also increased. Accordingly, there is a need for tools that show the status of the ecosystem more easily and intuitively.

With Tetra, the official staking wallet and ORBS PoS Wallet app, all Orbs Universe participants are able to see their staking status and a list of guardians. With the Community Console supported by Flipsidecrypto, ORBS on-chain data is provided with fascinating animated UX. And with Orbs Universe Analytics, you can review the status and staking action history of each delegator’s and guardian’s specific addresses.

In fact, all raw data is public with transparency on the blockchain and can be accessed through general tools such as Etherscan at any time. However, to understand these raw data as meaningful information requires a little bit more comprehension about transactions and smart contract structure, which is a hurdle to understand. So the community has requested that details about the token economy be presented with an integrated bundle of data provided by a simple user interface. Also, they requested runtime calculation for gas fees and expected rewards rate on the ether network which is very complicated to calculate manually.

Now, the Orbs team is launching a new ORBS PoS Info application that provides all required information to the community anytime and anywhere through mobile usage.

You can download app here.

The application provides the following information:

  • POS status: total participating amounts, number of registered guardians and link to the list, real-time rewards rate
  • POS history: max 30 days history of staking, unstaking, withdrawal. List of all actions and detailed info (timestamp, amounts) of each action.
  • POS calculator: runtime expected rewards rate for user input. Current gas fee consumption for each action of staking or unstaking, etc.


The app is fully open-source and you can find it here. We will continue to develop further required features and always welcome the community’s contribution.

If you want to know more about ORBS PoS Universe, please visit here.

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