Orbs PoS V2: The Age of Guardians - PoS V2 Benefits Over V1

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


4 years ago


PoS V2 Benefits Over V1

Orbs V2: The Age of Guardians was announced last month after a lot of hard work by the Orbs team, leading Guardians and many others in the community.

The full PoS V2 Overview Document can be viewed here. However, we thought it was a good idea to summarize in this blogpost the major benefit points of Orbs PoS V2 as compared to PoS V1:

1. Simplicity

Combining the Guardians and Validators roles simplifies the network architecture and brings it closer to industry standards. This, we believe, will help participants better understand how the Orbs network works.

2. Reduced Operation Costs

The new automated mechanism for rewards distribution will reduce the Guardians’ operating costs. This improvement in efficiency and cost reduction is expected to lower the barrier for new Guardians to join the Orbs Universe.

3. Improved Transparency and Security

The improved hybrid mechanism with Ethereum will provide a higher level of transparency and additional security to the network.

4.“Skin in the Game”

The Guardians’ minimum self-delegation requirement will incentivize Guardians to properly perform their duty, as well as enhance the Guardians’ commitment to their communities and their Delegators.

5. Stakeholder Empowerment

Orbs PoS V2 empowers both the Guardians and Delegators in the Orbs Universe:

  • Providing the Guardians with ownership of the reward distribution split and frequency tightens the relationships with their Delegators.
  • Delegators will now have clear differentiators between Guardians and will be able to choose a Guardian they trust to perform according to the best interests of the Network.


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