Orbs Update April 2020: Recap

Nate Simantov
Nate Simantov


4 years ago


Welcome back to our monthly recap everyone!

Now we’ve experienced another full month of work while physically isolated from one another completely. While this may not have been great for my fitness or grooming, it has been good to make remote working in global teams a habit that we seem to be clearly getting better at. Improvise, adapt, overcome!

And on the topic of overcoming, Orbs core team members have also been working on an app for motivating mobile users to stick to their COVID19 quarantines, which is already available on Google Play:

New on the Block

Finally, Orbs is thrilled to have Nadav Shemesh join the team as the newest Partner!

Nadav recently served as senior advisor to Israel’s Finance Minister. He is a former fighter pilot and has a strong background in technology and management, We are confident that his contribution to Orbs will lead the development of blockchain technology to new heights.

Welcome Nadav!


Orbs Around the World

By @gogogili

Given the “shelter in place” situation around the world, Orbs’ business team has beefed up its online presence participating in webinars and online events with our partners, such as the World Economic Forum, Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS), and highly recommended series of events with by the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC).

Video from GBBC Blockchain Central at the World Economic Forum’s Panel on Blockchain, AR, VR, IoT: How New Tech is Transforming the Media Landscape:


Participants included Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Matt Sorum (Artbit; STHORM, Guns N’ Roses), Danny Brown Wolf (Orbs, Hexa Foundation), Nikita Bokarev (Sensorium Corporation) and Michael Casey, Chief Content Officer at CoinDesk.



State of the Network

This segment was contributed by @Andrey

There are 19 registered Guardians and 16 Validators running in production. There are now over 1700 Delegators participating in the Orbs PoS ecosystem, and over 200 of them are already staking through Tetra, the new staking wallet!

There are 2 applications running on the Orbs Network:

Vchain 1960000 — Open-Rights (https://www.open-rights.org/)

Vchain 1970000 — Receipts Notarization (https://www.linet.org.il/)

A  real community effort!

Following the launch of Tetra and the new staking mechanism, we have listened carefully to your feedback and held discussions with many of the network Guardians.

As discussed in the official Orbs channel, the locking period duration is a tradeoff between network security and Delegators’ participation. After extensive discussion with the community and further analysis of the state of the network, it's been decided to change it to 14 days.

Looking at the token balance in the new staking contract (7-20 April period), we can see a positive upward trend and healthy delegators’ participation right off the start:

We would like to thank all of the guardians and community members who offered proposals and feedback. Your contribution was crucial in helping to reach a better decision regarding the new staking mechanism.

Lastly, we would like to especially commend JJANG Orbs Guardian, for transitioning more than 90% of his delegators onto the new staking mechanism, well done!



In case you’ve missed it

Top posts from Orbs team:

The New ORBS Locking Mechanism | Eran Peled

Introducing Locking When Staking ORBS | Oded Wertheim

How to use TETRA, Orbs’ staking wallet | Nate Simantov

Media highlights

Crypto 101

Crypto101 Podcast sat down with Co-founder Tal Kol to discuss the decentralized Web 3.0 stack and what the internet of the future really looks like, and take a good look at the necessary improvements needed to the user experience in order to bring mass adoption to crypto.

Check it out:


Daniel Kuhn at CoinDesk just published this video interviewing crypto leaders on handling COVID-19. Our own Danny Brown Wolf makes the first cameo in the series and offers both a personal "day in the life" perspective, *pup included*, as well as empathy for everyone going through this crisis. She's in good company with Celo, LGO Markets, UpNode Media, and Ren also offering perspectives.

CoinTelegraph on Stay Home Challenge


Blockchain Show

Danny Brown had a great time speaking with Ethan of @blockchain_show about fake news and the advantages of permissionless blockchain in authenticating data! Listen to the full conversation here.


Tetra / PoS highlights

Contributed by Ed and Eddy of Orbs Korea

On 8th April, we announced a new PoS system V2 is launched with a new staking wallet, Tetra. Now you can join us with Tetra and an updated ORBS PoS Wallet.

Read more: Introducing Locking When Staking ORBS

Over 300M tokens are staked until now and still in growth. Probably more by the time you read this :)

Also, following our active community members' feedback, the team is already under improvement to make Tetra easier and better. I am so happy to see that you and we all contribute together. Thank you, gang!

During the transition period, non-staked tokens by contract also will be rewarded as is. And rewards for locked tokens will be added on your staked tokens in the smart contract.



By @gogogili

Next month Orbs representatives will participate in REIMAGINE 2020!, an online event organized by San Francisco based blockchain consortium MouseBelt with an ambitious aim to run continuously for 72 hours! The organizers of the event, which begins May 4th, have promised it’ll be packed with keynote speeches, panels, and debates.

It will also have hackathons, pitch competitions, and plenty of virtual networking events. The organizers are hoping to attract more than 10,000 attendees.


Stay tuned for more updates with Orbs Twitter! For the next week, the Orbs team will continue its work from home with our terrible haircuts and thirst to return to the headquarters sometime soon. If you are an Android user, go ahead and grab the Stay Home Challenge and show off your ability to stand your ground :)

I am of course available for any and all questions as well via the Official Telegram group.

Have a healthy May,


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