Orbs Update February 2021

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


3 years ago



It's been approximately one month since Orbs and Binance announced a partnership to co-found the DeFi.org accelerator. During this time, the new accelerator received overwhelming positive feedback and interest!

In this month’s update, we’ll provide more details and interesting insights on the accelerator program, as well as exciting DeFi and staking updates in the Orbs project.

Read all about it in this Month’s update. Here we go!!


DeFi.org Accelerator Updates

In the first month since the accelerator started its work, it received many applications. Many of the projects presented a strong and motivated team, as well as some great ideas and innovations in the DeFi space. Here are some preliminary statistics on the projects submitted during January 2021.

The DeFi.org mentors team has been busy going through the projects’ applications.

The team received many high quality submissions, with innovative technological proposals and motivated teams. The sorting process has been hard and challenging.

Out of all the projects that have been submitted, 8% have reached stage 4 - pending final decision. The announcement on the projects and teams that have been accepted into the DeFi.org program will be made soon - stay tuned!

Submit a Project

Do you have an amazing new idea for a project in the defi space?  What are you waiting for?! Submit it now at https://defi.org


Orbs DeFi Portal

Check out the new Orbs DeFi Portal, your home to learn everything about Orbs and DeFi:


The Orbs DeFi portal was developed by Guardian and community members Paradigm, with support of a grant from the Orbs grant program.

In the portal, you’ll be able to find the latest news about what’s going on with Orbs in the DeFi space, including: DEX listings, liquidity pools, how-to manuals, and more...

In addition, be sure to follow @DefiOrbs on twitter to get the latest news and updates on Orbs and DeFi


We are excited to announce that a leading staking data provider, Staking Rewards, has added the ORBS token to their platform!

From now on you can find everything you need to know about staking ORBS on the Orbs Staking Rewards page:


Staking Rewards offers a comprehensive portal with all of the relevant information for staking the ORBS tokens: from key metrics and statistics, staking providers (also called Orbs Guardians), Tutorials on how to stake, and much more…

In addition, staking rewards offers a sophisticated ORBS staking calculator where Orbs Delegators, as well as Guardians, can calculate their expected staking fees based on the current network data:


Media highlights

Daniel Peled on i24 TV news

With the surging interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Orbs President, Daniel Peled, gave an interview to the i24 TV news channel.

Listen to his thoughts on the current crypto market:

Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC)

Ran Melamed of the Orbs team participated in a panel hosted by the GBBC on how blockchain is used to develop ethical supply chains to safely track everything from COVID19 vaccinations to EV battery emissions.


Orbs Team Updates

The Orbs wishes its Korean and Japanese communities a happy new year!

During the last year, the Orbs community in general, and the Korean and Japanese in particular, displayed great dedication and commitment in transitioning to the Orbs PoS V2: The Age of Guardians.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in this important technological milestone of the project and look forward to a great new year!

Listen to Nadav Shemesh of the Orbs team with a personal new year greetings to the community:


As always, stay tuned to our social channels (twitter, Telegram) to keep up to speed with everything that’s going on in the project.

Until next time,

Yours truly, -Eran

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