Orbs Update September 2019

Nate Simantov
Nate Simantov


5 years ago


Alright, everyone! August has been a relatively quiet month for many of us, and yours truly is happy to watch his colleagues return from vacations all sunburned and happy. This post is going to be a quick flash update, so you know what has been happening while you were out sipping lemonade:

ORBS on Samsung Wallet

In the stealth of night and without too much fuss, ORBS token was added to Samsung’s blockchain wallet. The token is 3# in the app, following Bitcoin and Ethereum, and will now be easier than ever to hold:

New Git Library

Introducing Govnr, the shiny new minimalist supervision library for Go language (Thank you, @shaiyallin!)

You can check it out here: https://github.com/orbs-network/govnr


Messari Disclosure Registry

Orbs is proud to announce having joined the Messari Registry! This diverse consortium of blockchain projects with the shared stated goal of solving issues and fears related to crypto adaptation such as the inherent difficulty in finding accurate information, and the lack of global standards regulation.

Together with the other participating projects, Orbs will, among other things, act to establish industry disclosure standards and incentivize projects to validate data and maintain disclosures.

Find out more about the Messari Disclosure Registry here.


Incoming: Orbs Rewards Round 2

This week @Andrey published a post detailing this rounds’ Reward calculations and what to expect.

You can see it here: Getting Ready for Round II of Orbs Rewards Distribution

Blockchain Week Tel Aviv: Ethereal and Party

The week after next, Tel Aviv Blockchain Week will kick off on Orbs’ home turf! Orbs will be a major sponsor at the Ethereal conference in the city center. Ethereal, aside from being a major hub for networking and business in the world of blockchain, will be headlining an outstanding speaker lineup including Ethereum’s Vitalik and Orbs’ Tal Kol.

If you are going to be in town, be sure to get in touch with Orbs!


Danny on SF Panel

(Contributed by Danny Brown Wolf)

I spoke on a Blockchain by Women panel on the Pilot to Production hosted by ConsenSys and Target Open House. It was packed and fun!

The panel was led by Cecily Mak, a Venture Partner at ConsenSys, with Daisy Ozim who works on Blockchain for Social Justice and Teresa Rabenberg Grobecker CEO of reConsortia (tracking real-estate referrals, partnered with the national organisation of realtors in the US).

ReConsortia CTO was there and told me that although he DOESNT want to deal with any infrastructure maintenance, he is working with enterprise ethereum and building a custom IPFS solution because no blockchain can solve his storage needs (they have a NFT for every property in the US and want to build layers of information for every property).

UN Hackathon Invite

Orbs has partnered up with the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), Blockchain for Social Impact, New York City Blockchain Center, and New York City Economic Development Corporation for the Scaling Impact for the SDGs Hackathon, a 2-day in-person hackathon geared toward real, sustainable outcomes.

Developers and entrepreneurs will work to solve three challenges framed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – focused primarily on:

  • Goal 6: Clean Water & Sanitation;
  • Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities; and
  • Goal 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities.

Orbs developers will be on-site to work with the hackathon teams. If you are a developer, APPLY HERE for the chance to develop on Orbs and win cash prizes - all for a good cause!



That’s all from me, we are quite excited to be coming back to work at full swing now that things are back to normal at the HQ! As usual, be sure to stay tuned for a separate R&D update post which will be published in the upcoming days. And if you're coming to Blockchain Week Tel Aviv, go say hi to the tall curly headed guy from Orbs :) 'Tis me.

Ciao <3

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