Proposal 1: Reinstate Minimum Self-Delegation

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


2 years ago


In this proposal, the network will consider whether or not to reinstitute the Guardian self-stake requirement at all.

For background on this proposal, see the full blog post here:

If this proposal passes, a separate vote will be held regarding the exact details of the minimum self-stake.

Voting will be held on each proposal separately, so please be sure to participate in both votes if you want your voice to be heard on both issues.

For discussion, please visit the dedicated #Governance page at the Orbs Discord or join us on Telegram.

Proposal Voting Instructions:

Two choices are being presented for community vote in step one:

Reinstate a minimum self-delegation requirement, with the minimum set according to the vote in Proposal 2. No minimum self-delegation.

Only ORBS tokens that were staked at the Snapshot block are entitled to vote.

You should make sure to vote with respect to both proposals - even if you vote no on this proposal, if it succeeds you are still entitled to be part of the decision on the details from Proposal 2.


The default option is that the Guardians are entitled to vote on behalf of their entire delegated stake, unless a delegator opts out. Guardians should select their preferred option and sign the message via their wallet.


If a Delegator wishes to vote on their own behalf, they are permitted to do so.

Please consider carefully if you want to allow your Guardian to vote on your behalf or exercise your vote independently. If you want to allow your Guardian to vote on your behalf, you don’t need to take any action. If you want to vote on your own, select your preferred option and sign the message via your wallet.

Requirements of the Snapshot:

The vote will be considered final if 100M staked ORBS Tokens (approximately 10% of total stake) votes within 7 days, with the option receiving the highest percentage of vote being implemented via protocol upgrade

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