Tetra Deployment Announcement

Ran Hammer
Ran Hammer


4 years ago


Hi all -

We wanted to update you that the all-new Orbs V2.5 Tetra Staking Wallet has been deployed!

The new Tetra Staking Wallet introduces -

  1. Full support for Orbs V2.5: Age of Guardians.
  2. V2.5 Guardian list allowing Delegators to delegate to V2.5 Guardians.
  3. Enriched Guardian data, including participation statistics, Guardian stake capacity and staking reward split with Delegators.
  4. Enriched Delegator data, including staking reward accumulation, updated live along with a weekly projection for the future staking rewards, based on the current stake and the selected Guardian.

The Orbs V2.5 Tetra Staking Wallet is now available at https://staking.orbs.network/. For those of you who are still interested in using the V1 supported version - there is a link to go back to the old version at the bottom of the webpage.

Delegators who do not wish to change their current Guardian do not need to take action, as their delegation is automatically migrated to V2.5. That being said, Delegators are encouraged to verify that their Guardian is present and active in V2.5 to ensure that their delegation contributes to the network’s security and that they will be eligible for rewards.

Delegators who would like to delegate to one of the new Guardians who joined Orbs V2.5 can do so now!

While v2.5 is still in a beta phase, the deployment of v2.5 Tetra Wallet is another major step forward in preparation for the production launch of Orbs V2.5: Age of Guardians, which is scheduled for the 30th of November, 2020.

As previously communicated - until the official launch date on Nov. 30, all V2.5 Beta participants will receive 10% of their total V2.5 staking rewards.

For more information see our Orbs PoS V2.5 launch announcement.

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