We’re Launching! And this is just the beginning

Daniel Peled
Daniel Peled


5 years ago


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Yet, to properly explain why this launch is such a big deal, we need to begin with the initial vision we had. For Orbs, blockchain offered a powerful potential to redefine the way systems work together. By providing a series of guarantees, public blockchains reduce the friction to collaboration and turn open source development into a distinct and powerful competitive advantage. In the coming days, our Co-Founder Tal Kol will be releasing a series of posts that break down these ideas, but suffice it to say it is not a small feat.

For us, this is a game changing concept.

It means that new types of relationships can be developed between people, businesses, economies and more. It means that products that could never have existed in the past can come to fruition. It means that concepts like transparency and openness can come to the center stage.

But, in a sector that has been beset by hype at the expense of delivery, we must go beyond words. And this is why the launch is so important. For the first time there is a product on the market that can leverage the public blockchain to solve some of the core questions the industry has grappled with.From fee structures and interoperability to the blockchain stack and a new approach to the private vs. public divide, Orbs is the first product to address some of the core challenges that have limited public blockchain usage.

And while this has been a massive endeavor, it is only the beginning. Because today our collaboration with you becomes more important than ever.

This platform is now public and in the hands of the entire community. It is now possible to begin the process of building a robust yet open ecosystem around our technology. We encourage you to take a close look at our code. We encourage you to join our ecosystem and take an active role in maintaining the network, securing it and giving it the necessary decentralized nature to make it trustworthy.

Today we are proud to release a massive leap forward for this project, but even more excited to be working together with our community to drive its future.

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