ORBS is now live on Avalanche Via AnySwap Cross-Chain Bridge!

Ran Hammer
Ran Hammer


2 years ago


We are excited to announce that the ORBS token is now available on the Avalanche (AVAX) Mainnet using the AnySwap cross-chain bridge!

Bridging ORBS to Avalanche using AnySwap can be done using the following link:


Anyswap is a decentralized cross-chain swap protocol jointly developed by the Anyswap team and yearn.finance (YFI) founder Andre Cronje. The AnySwap bridge currently supports 19 chains, with more than $1.5B in Total Value Locked (TVL)!

How To Use The AnySwap Bridge

Using the AnySwap cross-chain bridge is super easy! Simply select ORBS from the token pull down menu and then select the AVAX mainnet as the destination chain.

AnySwap can also be used to bridge ORBS tokens onto the BSC network, thereby making it a three-way bridge enabling Orbs token holders to move ORBS between the Ethereum, Avalanche and BSC chains!

You can find the bridged ORBS token contract on AVAX here:


As always, exercise caution when working with 3rd party technologies, educate yourself regarding the risks involved and read all security audits.

No Stopping the Orbs Avalanche

As we discussed in our latest blog post, Orbs has targeted Avalanche as its next avenue for expansion, being one of the fastest growing Layer-1 chains with over $3.17B in TVL!

The Avalanche ecosystem is exploding, following the launch of an impressive $180M grant program, with over 140 ecosystem partners and more than 320 projects building on its blockchain. Some of these include major players like SushiSwap, Chainlink, Circle and the Graph.

With this latest integration, Orbs is now live on all 5 major L-1 chains: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, and now - Avalanche. This in turn accelerated the integration of the Orbs ecosystem with over 17 major DeFi protocols (such as UniSwap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, Kyber Networks, 1inch, Alpaca Finance, Beefy Finance, QuickSwap, DinoSwap, with more to come soon...)

Orbs unique features designed for interoperability primarily with EVM-compatible blockchains, together with its decentralized network of nodes, gives it a competitive advantage in various DeFi applications.

We are very excited about tapping the potential of Orbs in the DeFi space. Orbs multi-chain integration plays a critical role in this initiative. Already we are seeing applications of amazing innovative projects being developed on Orbs.

Expect more to come in the near future!

Please Note

Use of the AnySwap bridge, the Avalanche mainnet and the other platforms and services described above carries significant risk. Digital assets, decentralized finance products are, by their nature, highly risky, experimental and volatile. Such platforms and services may be subject to security and economic risks and exploits and transactions may be irreversible, final and without refunds. Such use carries risk of substantial losses.

Any use of any platform, application and/or services described above is at your own risk and you are solely responsible for all transaction decisions. You should do your own research and independently review any third party services and platforms and any applicable information terms, conditions or policies applicable to such platforms and services.

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