Guardian Spotlight: My Smart Crypto

Shawn O'Donaghue
Shawn O'Donaghue


a year ago


Sneaking in at the end of 2022, another Guardian joined to help strengthen the Orbs network. The Orbs community would like to welcome MySmartCrypto to the community. This article explores their views on the Orbs project and their plans to help it grow in 2023.

Their addition to the Guardians pool follows high engagement of the Orbs community in the recent governance votes, with nearly 60% of the total staked ORBS amount participating in the first three votes.

This also follows the release of dTWAP on SpiritSwap powered by the Orbs Guardians, being the first time that a DeFi protocol has implemented Orbs’ L3 technology to interact with real users' assets and TVL!

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

What made you interested in Orbs as a project when you first discovered it?

It was RPoS (Randomized PoS) and the consensus of the Orbs network. When I first learned of Orbs during the private sale period, the market keyword was "scalability". Many projects like EOS tried to achieve this with dPoS (delegated PoS), but decentralization was lost. Orbs' Randomized dPoS can maintain decentralization, rapid process speed, and reasonable cost. While RPoS is not in execution, I hope this will be activated soon.

What do you think of Orbs as a layer-3 (L3)? Especially with dTWAP integration by SpiritSwap

L3 is the last piece to lead mass adoption of blockchain dApps. L3 essentially acts on a higher service level based on L2's scalability. I think that Orbs's L3 is at the center of this by supporting many EVM chains and the TON network.

dTWAP will be an industry-changing use case because DEXs have gotten more attention since FTX's implosion.

DCA is an essential investment method for two reasons:

  1. It requires more time until the next bull market (therefore making it attractive during even market downtrends).
  2. Volatility of cryptocurrency is very high.

dTWAP enables DCA in decentralized ways. This will be one of the main features of DEXs and is only possible because of Orbs’ dTWAP

What's your impression of Orbs building on TON?

It is a very good idea to co-work with TON which has a large user base. Another example of this is Polygon, which is a great project that has shown a lot of success recently. Polygon solved the scalability issue with the ETH network. However, this was not achieved by itself. Orbs can be the next Polygon like this with a similar partnership on TON.

Any message to the community? What do you want them to know about you — what type of voter will you be when it comes to governance proposals?

During the last 3 years, Orbs grew based on efforts from the Orbs team, Guardians, and community. From now on, expanded external connections such as partnerships with TON will be more important. I'll help with this and do what I can. I have done this for the last 5 years as an early investor/BD/Youtuber. To be successful with this, I need support from the community. Please support me to be a better and stable Guardian.

I have been with Orbs for 5+ years since the private sale, and I'm still here and will vote with a long-term vision on governance proposals.

Thank you.

The strength of the Orbs community has been demonstrated in the recent Governance votes, as well as the participation of new Guardians in the Orbs ecosystem such as Kolb & beehive, OKX Exchange, Tbonestaking, and more .

With high community engagement and new L3 use cases such as dTWAP, the role of the Guardians is becoming more and more essential for the Orbs network. The addition of so many new Guardians is an important indicator of the Orbs project’s vitality and endurance.

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