The Orbs Ecosystem Grant Program - Third Call for Grants: ORBS On TON

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


a year ago



The Orbs project, together with our community, is building a public and permissionless ecosystem. As an expression of this value, the Orbs Ecosystem Grant Program provides grants to teams that make contributions to the project.

The Orbs project is now launching a new call for grants under the OEGP. This call follows on the recent announcement that Orbs is building on TON as its first non-EVM L1. See the recent blog post from our co-founder, Tal Kol, for more background. For this round, the focus will be on development that will establish Orbs as a key TON ecosystem participant that is implementing new L3 use-cases for protocols running on top of TON.

If you and your team have a grant proposal, please email with a proposal with detailed information about your proposed project and any other information that will help us evaluate your ability to complete it, as well as your requested budget.

Proposals can be sent to

Grant Opportunities

We are looking for anyone with an idea for providing Orbs L3 services to the TON ecosystem.

In addition to this general call, the Orbs project may from time to time put out a request for specific development work. These specific requests will be put out on the Orbs project channels as well as any place where TON developers gather.

The first specific request relates to a service the Orbs team is developing that will allow developers creating DAPPs on TON to verify data off-chain in a decentralized manner using Orbs L3 infrastructure. As part of developing this service, the Orbs team is looking for a developer or team to write a verifier smart contract on TON. Technical specifications for the smart contract can be found here:

Additional specific requests will follow going forward.

This example is not exhaustive, we’d love to hear if you have ideas for projects that go beyond the above.

Proposals Evaluation Process

Once a proposal has been submitted, the OEGP Grant Committee will review and select the most appropriate submission to complete the work.

The OEGP Grant Committee reserves the right to alter this process as it deems appropriate, in its sole discretion. For example, in some circumstances, when projects are of significant importance to the Orbs ecosystem, the OEGP Grant Committee may push applications through on an expedited process.

Grant Delivery

Subject to discussions with the grant recipients, grants may be paid out in multiple installments and may be made in either fiat, cryptocurrency such as BTC and ETH or by delivery of TON Coin or Orbs Tokens. Such installments may be subject to a payment schedule to ensure that predefined milestones are achieved. The OEGP Grant Committee controls payments and assesses milestone reports from grantees prior to follow-on payments. Orbs may not distribute follow-on payments for projects that do not hit their deliverables.


This page describes the general framework for participation in this round of the OEGP and does not constitute an undertaking by or create any obligation of Orbs Ltd. to provide any grant, in general or to a specific person or entity. Orbs reserves the right to determine whether to award any grant and to determine any actual awarded amounts at its sole discretion. Orbs reserves the right to cancel, change or suspend the OEGP and its terms for any reason. Any granted award is subject to accepting the Terms and Conditions of the OEGP (available here), which may include a requirement for basic KYC procedures, and/or execution of a grant letter in the form provided by Orbs Ltd.

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