Execution Services

Orbs Lambda - Decentralized Serverless Cloud Function

Event driven, serverless and decentralized computing solution, similar in concept to AWS Lambda - but decentralized.

Write your cloud function in regular JavaScript, without any blockchain specific knowledge. Code can utilize familiar node.js libraries such as node-fetch. Select a trigger for execution, like running on a new L1/L2 block or on a new L1/L2 on-chain event, and deploy. Your function will be executed on dozens of independent decentralized validator nodes.

Orbs VM - Decentralized Docker-Based Virtual Machine

Dedicated decentralized virtual machine, similar in concept to AWS EC2 - but decentralized.

Implement your custom service as a Docker container, without any blockchain specific knowledge. Use any programming language you like, such as Go, C++, Rust, JavaScript, Java, Python and more. Deploy your container to have it executed as an always-on service on dozens of independent decentralized validator nodes.

Compute Cloud Alternatives

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading centralized compute cloud platform in the world today. AWS segments the compute cloud market according to the flexibility/complexity tradeoff. For simplicity - AWS offers the serverless AWS Lamda. For flexibility - AWS offers the powerful AWS EC2.

The Orbs network aspires to be the leading decentralized compute cloud platform. Orbs segments the decentralized compute cloud market in a similar way. For simplicity - Orbs offers the serverless AWS Lambda. For flexibility - Orbs offers the powerful Orbs VM.

Evolution of Decentralized Execution

The first decentralized execution platform in the world that was truly Turing-complete is the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The EVM was a marvel of innovation, but for security considerations as a base layer, had to limit its execution capabilities in a tight security sandbox.

Orbs Lambda expands these capabilities significantly by allowing developers to use the world's most popular language - JavaScript - without limits and fully access data outside the chain. Orbs VM takes execution capabilities a step further and allows developers to use any programming language over the world's most popular container - Docker.

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