TON Access




The most reliable decentralized RPC network for TON dapps making HTTP queries to blockchain state from the browser. Unrestricted anonymous access without an API key.


No throttling for

anonymous dapp users

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RPC gateways like toncenter throttle anonymous users to 1 request per second. Most dapps cannot operate under these restrictions since their users are anonymous.

No API Key

Decentralized access without

registering API keys

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RPC gateways like toncenter reduce throttling by registering an API Key. This API Key cannot be stored client-side (secret) and cannot be stored server-side (centralized).


No need to run your own RPC

backend server

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You should never run a server as part of your dapp since servers are centralized. If you suffer devops downtime, your users will lose access to their funds.


Trust a protocol, not a

centralized business

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Dozens of permissionless validators of the Orbs Network staked with $100 million. Your access to TON does not depend on a single centralized business.

High Redundancy

Robust API with no single

point of failure

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Operated by the dozens of independent validators of the Orbs Network that are running in mainnet since 2019 with virtually no downtime.


Support for raw ADNL to

enable lite clients

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For a completely trustless setup, use raw ADNL via proxy to perform client-side verifications of all responses like regular trustless lite clients.

Initialize the RPC endpoint


Client Library

  • NPM ton docs


  • NPM TonWeb docs


  • CDN TonWeb docs


  • ton-lite-client docs



  • Mainnet

  • Testnet


Powered by Orbs Network

Orbs Network has dozens of independent validators running Proof-of-Stake consensus with over $100 million staked. The network has been running in mainnet since 2019. By routing your dapp RPC requests through Orbs validators, you maintain decentralized access to the chain without relying on a single centralized business.

What are our developers saying?

We created TON Access by learning from the failings of Ethereum. Most EVM dapps access the chain through Infura, a centralized business. By depending on Orbs validators, we can guarantee decentralized access, similar to what is doing on EVM.

Tal Kol (@talkol)

TON ambassador and Orbs founder

Registering API keys in web3 always seemed absurd to me. Where are you supposed to store them? Client-side isn’t safe and server-side means running a centralized backend.

Shahar Yakir (@mrbonezy)

Creator of

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