Orbs Update January 2020

Eddy Kim
Eddy Kim


4 years ago

Message from Orbs Korea Community Head, Eddy Kim:

Welcome back to our monthly recap everyone! Our Community was delighted to receive this Greeting message from Orbs TLV HQ! New Years’ online event is ongoing now, please visit https://orbskorea.net to send your wishes to Orbs :)


2020 will be a great year for the Korean presence too: The Korean team is frequenting many meetings with several conglomerates to discuss the usage of blockchain for scaled use-cases. It is important that we maintain strong relationships with these industry giants.

While we already have a thriving Kakao chat group; the KR team built another community forum to facilitate productive discussion in non-volatile environments. Almost all information in the Korean language will be integrated into the forum.

In Korea, there will be a parliamentary election in April, so fake news is an increasingly emerging issue. If you can read Korean, don’t miss the post on How Blockchain Helps Solve Fake News Problems.

At last, a new POS app is coming soon! This app is mainly developed by the Korean team and will support the local language. We hope this will increase accessibility to the POS universe. Stay tuned for the app-launching!

새해 복 많이 받으세요,

⁠— Eddy Kim


Orbs Around the World

This segment was contributed by @gogogili

In early December, the Orbs team co-organized a meetup with the co-founder of LinkedIn, Eric Ly as part of the Crypto Monday event. Eric co-founded a new blockchain company named Hub.

The Orbs project got nice exposure to audiences both at the event, before and after it within different social media platforms. Later this month we were fortunate to speak and present the Orbs project in two great conferences:

Edge computing - Took place in Silicon Valley on December 9th as part of a fireside chat with Hedera Hashgraph, Talking about the difference and comparing some of the similarities in our approach to the market.

The second conference named Elev8 was held in Vegas on December 9th, this time I was part of a panel called “What Blockchain Business Models are Working and Why?”

There were 3 other panelists:

Emma Liu (Tigergraph),  Mark Friedler (Anheuser-Busch InBev, Gigex), Zane Witherspoon (Dispatch Labs). Orbs represented different approaches and parts of the industry. This panel attracted great interest from the audience given the diversity of opinions shared.




State of the Network

This segment was contributed by @Andrey,

There are 19 registered Guardians and 16 Validators running in production. There are now over 1700 Delegators participating in the Orbs PoS ecosystem.

There are 2 applications running on the Orbs Network:

Vchain 1960000 — Open-Rights (https://www.open-rights.org/)

Vchain 1970000 — Receipts Notarization (https://www.linet.org.il/)


In case you’ve missed it

Top posts from Orbs team:

Orbs and the Communications Business Automation Network (CBAN) | @assaf_bielski

Hexa Foundation’s 2020 Vision for Blockchain-Led Social Impact | Netta Korin, Hexa Group

How an Open Blockchain Standard Can Fix the Ills of Social Media | @Dannyhbrown

Orbs Technology Update January 2020 | @OdedWx



Media highlights

"Public blockchain can restore this trust; a company can state what data is shared, then PROVE it through a neutral 3rd party. This keeps data private while providing a greater guarantee than today's black box."

From Tal Kol new byline featured on Secure Info Watch: Why blockchain is the necessary safeguard against data breaches.

“Crypto startup Orbs has proposed a blockchain-driven system to trim unnecessary government spending while also cutting down on food stamp fraud.”

A Blockchain Solution to Government Welfare Fraud on Decrypt.co


“See what Orbs Co-founder and others have planned:”

Key blockchain players are setting the bar HIGH for #2020! By CoinTelegraph


“Why RPOS over any other blockchain consensus model?"

Tal Kol explains how Orbs tackles the speed vs scalability vs security tradeoff in Can Orbs Be a Game Changer for Businesses? By CryptoTrader News

Watch the full video interview on Youtube.


"The administrative and bureaucratic costs alone for SNAP are enormous -- $5B just to administer $60B to citizens. Cutting 20% of that bureaucratic cost is huge!"

In this BlockTV interview, @Dannyhbrown breaks down what blockchain can do for GovTech, including the solution against SNAP fraud.


Check out Page 40 of GBBC's Annual Report 2020


Lots of interesting updates coming soon, including some to the network and a new surprise (Hint: Check out the leaked screenshot in Paradigm’s latest Orbs update) and a separate post about the Orbs team’s ’ experience in WEF Davos this month.


Finally, I'd like to invite you to fill out questions for the Co-founders AMA, the answers for which will be recorded on video and uploaded to community channels.

More to come soon: See you next time!

⁠— Eddy

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