Orbs Update July 2019

Nate Simantov
Nate Simantov


5 years ago


In this update: GLF Partnership ⁂ Hdac signing ⁂ Forbes feature ⁂ Orbs Awards distribution ⁂ App development guidelines ⁂ Founder interviews ⁂ and more


Welcome back to our monthly recap everyone! June brought with it lots of exciting news and industry recognition, which is of course really exciting. Having all this happen around the time of Orbs’ very first reward distribution event was, for those sitting at the Tel Aviv HQ, akin to celebrating a birthday on independence day.

Let’s dive right into it, shall we? First things first:

GLF Participation

After several months of covert talks, the Global Leader’s Forum, a consortium of global telco giants, including names like Orange, Sprint, Vodaphone, and Telefónica, finally announced last week the formation of a thinktank to help create technological standards for blockchain use. This is a very exciting update that puts Orbs in the room with some of the strongest names in global telco, and we are grateful to be part of this important process in the planet’s technological future.


@talkol and @assaf_bielski had this to say, moments after the news became public:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuVMb6At-AY\[/embedyt\]

Collaboration with Hdac and MOU Signing

Hdac is a subsidiary of Hyundai; the company was founded by the grandson of Hyundai’s chairman and they are currently developing a hybrid blockchain. Based on the MOU, the collaboration will mostly relate to Hdac’s new POS ecosystem, joint ventures in business development, benefiting from Hdac’s access to enterprises in Korea as well as mutual marketing.


Orbs Rewards Distribution

Last week, Orbs’ first round of award distribution to the Orbs universe was completed successfully! Thank you to all Orbs members around the world :) You can read more about the event in Thursday’s post here:


App development guidelines

Orbs’ core team members @bolshchikov and @netoneko wrote a two-part, detailed tutorial for developing on the Orbs network:


Orbs Around the World

CryptoChicks event

CryptoChicks was a blockchain & AI conference AND hackathon in Toronto, Canada. The 3-day event that consists of talks by leaders such as Vitalik Buterin and Ben Goertzel, networking events with the thriving Toronto crypto community and lots of girl-coding-power. Orbs Head of Partnerships Danny Brown Wolf gave a keynote on Proof-of-Stake architecture. The theme was, these are all the problems in existing PoS designs, call BS on everything.

Seattle event

Seattle DevCon on June 29th was a fantastic event by Coinstate, Blockcelerate and UW Blockchain Society! Seattle is always an interesting city to visit, with some amazing local DeFi projects and concentration of some of the largest enterprises in the world like Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, Expedia, and others of a similar caliber. Orbs Head of Partnerships Danny Brown Wolf spoke on two panels: What’s new with Enterprise Blockchain? And: Public & Private chains. Use cases.

Moderated by Jan Young of Rabbit Hole Network, with IBM, Dragonchain & Hashgraph; Future Consensus: Proof of Stake & Staking Rewards. Is it the future? Pros & Cons moderated by Steve Floyd of Fractal (who signed the genesis EOS block!) and reps from Tezos Commons, and Ztake.

Global Blockchain Summit

@jnoam was invited by the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC), together with Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), to participate in the Global Blockchain Summit on Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan. The summit included many visitors from the region, another step in Kazakhstan's effort to become a regional leader in financial technology and services. Jonathan was given the floor to present Orbs to this crowd and partake in panels about permissionless Blockchain infrastructure together with government officials and market-leading organizations such as Bitfury, China Blockchain Research Center, Suramitsu and others.


Capita Conference

Orbs core team members @odednoam and @assaf_bielski participated in a panel at a conference held by Capita for their enterprise customers, on the subject of digital identities, alongside identity fraud expert Frank Abegnale. In the panel, we spoke about the ways in which public blockchain can be used for early identification of identity theft.


More on this event can be seen in the video below (Shoutout to Assaf at 00:45 ⁠— looking great!)

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIHTI2vMzd8\[/embedyt\]

In case you’ve missed it

Top posts from Orbs core-team in June:

Orbs R&D Update July 2019 | Eran Kirshenboim

Orbs Universe: The First Six Weeks | Andrey Dulkin

Making Sense of Libra | Oded Noam

Blockchain Aid for the Refugee Crisis | Netta Korin (Hexa Foundation)

A Sustainable Token Economy Cannot Be Inflationary | Oded Noam

TalpiHack: Solving the Challenge of Related Parties Dealings | Andrey Dulkin


Expansion Highlights

This segment was contributed by Gili Ovadia (@gogogili)

Korea Visit - June 2019

Orbs’ President Daniel Peled and I went for our periodic visit to South Korea to meet the local team and long-time partners, as well as some new enterprises and potential partners such as the City of Seoul, banks, a media company, telecom companies, exchanges, and another major national conglomerate.

City of Seoul

I had two followup meetings with the Seoul municipality following the Mayor’s visit in Israel last month during which we discussed the potential of a collaboration with their smart city group and more. The city of Seoul is a huge & respected entity, and it seems like we are off to a good start.


We had more than 100 RSVPs in less than 2 hours (!) from the moment the registration link was made available, a great indication of Orbs’ solid brand in Korea. We finished with 120 RSVPs and more than 70 ppl attending. The local community is very engaging and it is something everyone at Tel Aviv’s HQ is grateful for.

The event went very well, with the program of the event as follows:

  • Opening remarks (Eddy)
  • Updates report (Gili)
  • Overview of Orbs (Daniel)
  • Closing remarks (Spunky)
  • QA

Getting ready

FNinnoedu MOA signing

FNinnoedu is a public organization operating Korea’s Ministry of Science blockchain educational program, and they are part of Financial Times Group’ online-offline educational arm.

The main MOA points are:

  • Participation of Orbs in blockchain-related conventions and educational businesses in Korea, sharing of blockchain technology and use cases
  • Dispatch of speakers for technical guidance, provision of internships to students
  • Participate in the education programs in Seoul and Busan in each of the cities.


Media highlights

Forbes article on the GLF Announcement —

IBM, Orbs, ConsenSys Work Together On Global Blockchain Settlement Platform For Telecoms


Forbes' Rachel Wolfson with Orbs Co-founder Tal Kol at Orbs HQ in Tel Aviv

Baselayer interview

Base Layer Episode 040 synopsis: Tal joins Base Layer to discuss what Orbs is building in terms of a hybrid blockchain that could get enterprises big and small using public blockchains. We discuss Virtual Chains, Randomized Proof of Stake (RPoS) and much more.

Listen to the episode below:

Ilan Sterk talks regulation & adoption with Finance Magnates


On a recent episode of Blockchain Podcast (#88), Orbs, Hexa Group VP Trading Ilan Sterk spoke to Rachel McIntosh of Finance Magnates about the future of institutional trading, impeding regulation & adoption: It's just 25 minutes, check it out:

Orbs mention on CNBC re Libra

Facebook Created a ‘Gateway Drug’ to Introduce Billions to Cryptocurrency, Experts Say


Tech highlights


YUGE R&D update by @erankirsh! Check it out: Orbs R&D Update July 2019 | Eran Kirshenboim

Stay tuned for another R&D update to come soon. As mentioned in last month’s update, the bulk of R&D announcements will not be added to these posts as they are far too big, but will instead be published separately.


State of the Ecosystem

This segment was contributed by @Andrey


Rewards have officially been distributed! Summary of last week’s distribution: First Orbs Rewards Distribution.

For more information, see this post on calculations, types of rewards, and other parameters.


We've created a technical workshop format to help applications and enterprises launch on the Orbs Network! Check it out on Github:


Orbs Starter Kit

We created the Orbs Starter Kit - a template for creating Orbs-based applications:



We added several technical improvements to the project, based on insights and feedback from our internal Hackathon last month, including better login capabilities and standard library support for smart contracts. The core team has also added full support for Windows-based development.

(If you haven't yet, see Eran’s R&D post)


Upcoming events

Some of the events Orbs will have a presence at in July:

Asia Blockchain Summit, Taiwan

World Economic Forum, China

BTC Barcelona (Alef Bit)

Hackathon: Blockchain for Social Impact II, Tel Aviv

As with any global events attended by Orbs’ representatives, you are invited and encouraged to come to meet us and introduce yourself! I know they seem way-too-cool, but you will be pleasantly surprised to find Orbs’ core team highly approachable.


That’s all from me today! Stay tuned for some more exciting developments from Orbs very soon. You can also reach out to me personally at nate@orbs.com with any comments or questions; I will do my best to get an answer for you.

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