Orbs Update November 2019

Nate Simantov
Nate Simantov


4 years ago


In this update: San Francisco Blockchain Week ⁂ SecurePro Partnership ⁂ New: Demos Page ⁂ Co-Founder Podcast Interview ⁂ Orbs Speaks to Congress ⁂ World Economic Forum in Dubai

Welcome back to our monthly recap everyone! The biggest holiday month in Israel is finally over, and after what some consider too much quality time with food and family, the Orbs team is back with more great news, from partnerships to major technology improvements from the R&D side.

Below are some highlights from the past 4 weeks. Be sure to visit the Orbs Blog and keep an eye out for a long technology update to be posted soon:


Orbs Around the World

This segment was contributed by Gili Ovadia (@gogogili)

San Francisco Blockchain Week!

Last week we participated in San Francisco Blockchain Week (SFBW), of which the Orbs team was an event sponsor:  Throughout the week we met dozens of giant enterprises from multiple industries (media, mobile, CPG, chemicals, telecom and more) and various countries (US, Japan, Germany, Korea, etc). Meetings were serious and structured, we truly felt how enterprises are getting more mature and realistic on how to unlock the promise of blockchain technology and how to achieve trust at scale.

On top of the back to back meetings, we held an enterprise summit, an initiative led by the Orbs team. The event was focused on the state of the industry, discussed different use cases and get different perspectives. We presented the Orbs vision and technology, then had a long discussion as part of a panel with some of the stakeholders of the industry (Salesforce, Consensys).  The event included dinner and networking, attracting dozens of the biggest enterprises worldwide.

Hexa at the World Economic Forum meetup in Dubai!

Cofounder Netta Korin was invited by the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of Global Future Councils to sit on their Global Future Council on the Humanitarian System.

The group met in Dubai November 3rd and 4th and discussed ways in which global humanitarian solutions could be made more efficient. Netta shared insights from her experience at the Hexa Foundation, which aims to leverage blockchain in order to create social impact.  Several of the Foundation's projects work towards assisting governments and NGOs to become more transparent and efficient in their giving efforts, and Netta was happy to share experiences with the WEF.

We look forward to a wonderful partnership with an inspiring group of leaders and we are very proud that Netta is a part of this effort.

This photo from WEF was taken by the Foundation's photo latest notarization app. More details on that to come soon


State of the Network

This segment was contributed by @Andrey

There are 17 registered Guardians and 17 Validators running in production. There are now over 1700 Delegators participating in the Orbs PoS ecosystem.

Up until now, there were 62 election rounds and no Validators have been voted out by the Guardians.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming Technology update for more on the network!


Expansion Highlights

This segment was contributed by @ranmelamed

SecurePro Partnership in Hong Kong

The Orbs team partnered with SecurePro, a leading SI from Hong Kong, to submit a solution in one of Hong Kong’s Smart Government Innovation Lab open tenders. The joint offer focused on developing a blockchain-based solution for the transfer of trademark ownership. This solution combines Securepro’s technological expertise and experience in working with the Hong Kong government along with the Orbs permissionless blockchain platform.

This call for innovation is merely one of several additional projects in which we’re now partnering with Securepro, who’s specializing in providing security and automation solutions for government, corporates and NGOs.

PoC with Global Brand

The Orbs core team has developed a proof of concept for potential engagement with a major camera manufacturer, wherein photographs taken by the device are immediately notarized on the Orbs network. This POC expands on previous work in photo and content notarization.

For additional examples check out the new demos.orbs.network.

Orbs-based sey Chain

"YES24, Korea's largest online bookstore serving millions of customers, is set to launch sey Chain, its permissioned blockchain based on Orbs technology. This project is the first major implementation of Orbs tech, showcasing both its production readiness and applicability to real-world requirements. In the course of the project’s development the Orbs team has assisted YES24 in technological guidance and support, while the entirety of the solution is being developed by the YES24 team. Both companies will co-develop blockchain tech for more real-world use cases in the future."

Official announcement by YES24.

Enterprise Use-Case Workshop

In a joint workshop with a global leader in consumer goods, the Orbs representatives helped design and demo a blockchain-based solution that uses product tracking to ensure an efficient, trustworthy supply chain.

The aim of the workshop was to demonstrate the ability to eliminate products that are counterfeit, non-compliant or defective from being sold to consumers.


Media highlights

Tal Kol Interview on Brave Newcoin

In this awesome interview, Orbs’ Co-founder discusses with Brave Newcoin hosts everything from corruption, Israel’s tech culture, military service, the dApp paradox, and galactic warfare.

Definitely worth a listen on your next commute:

Coindesk article

“We can’t think of a better way to reach mass adoption than sharing our knowledge base directly with the next generation of students and universities around the world.”

_— TRON, Stellar Join Mousebelt’s Blockchain Education Alliance to Train Student Developer_s

In Case you Missed It:

Why India is Leading Blockchain Development Even With a Crypto Ban | Ran Melamed

UN Hackathon: Afterthought | Jonathan Levison


Tech highlights

New: Orbs Demos

Orbs launched a brand new Demo page! Check it out: https://demos.orbs.network

Explore demos build on the Orbs blockchain and/or for any tools and materials needed to begin developing on your own.

If you have any suggestions or would like to schedule a product demo with one of our solution engineers, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page. Stay tuned for this week’s upcoming Technology Update for an in-depth overview of Orb’s R&D leaps these past few weeks!



Upcoming events


Nov 11-15: The Orbs team will have a booth in the Israeli Pavilion at the Singapore Fintech Festival (November 11-15), one of the largest fintech events in Southeast Asia! Visit us at Exhibit Hall No. 4 Booth 4L17.

Washington DC

Nov 13: In conjunction with the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, the Global Blockchain Business Bureau (GBBC) is hosting “Demo Day on the Hill”; Orbs team members will be presenting to US Congress members on the efficacy of Blockchain technology.

Other presenters at the event include EY, Salesforce, and Diginex. More information and tickets here (Open event, please RSVP).

As with any public event, if you plan to be in the neighborhood please feel free to reach out to any of the Orbs team members there! They love meeting fans of the project wherever they may be, so don’t be shy and come say hi.


That’s it from me today! I must say its great to be back and in the full swing of things :) Be sure to follow Orbs’ official channels for upcoming exciting news and partnerships as they go public.

Regards from Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

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