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Nate Simantov


4 years ago


In this update: U.N Hackathon Win! ⁂ Tel Aviv Blockchain Week ⁂ Block TV Founder Interview ⁂ ORBS on Metamask ⁂ Blockchain Education Webinar ⁂ New Orbs Center in Korea ⁂ Enterprise Use-Case Panel ⁂ KOSDAQ Delegation ⁂ Korea Blockchain Week ⁂ Blockchain Bridge SF⁂ Orbs Rewards Distribution: Round 2 ⁂ Mousebelt alliance

Weeeeelcome back everyone! After a quiet summer, this past month of September was crazy busy for the Orbs team from the Tel Aviv events at the start till the Seoul events at the end. Feels great being back in full swing, and without further ado, here’s a short summary of what’s been happening:

Tel Aviv Blockchain Week

Kicking off the month was Tel Aviv Blockchain week, with Ethereal Summit being the crown jewel. With the home-court advantage, the Orbs team’s sponsorship took a major presence at the events. Tal Kol spoke to a full house on the main day, which was followed by a celebratory event in collaboration with eToro and iAngels..

Aside from the honor to present the Orb vision to some of the industry’s most reputable figures, and the business opportunities budding from the day’s meetings, it was overall a fun event! Good job everyone :)


Block TV Founder Interview

During the Ethereal event, the wonderful folks at Block TV conducted an interview with Orbs’ technical founder Tal Kol before his ascension to the main stage. The channels’ Yael Lavie and Tal discussed the Orbs vision of turning digital accountability into user trust in businesses who rely on blockchain.


Be sure to catch the full interview (12 min) right here.

UN Hackathon: Orbs for the Win!

There was lots of anticipation leading up to the GBBC’s (Global Blockchain Business Council) “Hack the SDGs” United Nations hackathon. Orbs team members Rani and Jonathan flew into NYC to partake in this important event, teaching young talent how to develop on the Orbs network.


Ultimately, the winner of the hackathon chose to rely on the Orbs blockchain for their project! Considering that the other infrastructure providers  participating in the Hackathon were Microsoft, IBM, and Quorum, this is great news for the Orbs project which has been prioritizing usability since the get-go. Major kudos to the delegation for doing such an amazing job.

See: More thoughts on the UN Hackathon by Jonathan here.

Orbs' Ran and Jonathan with David and Claire, the winning team

Blockchain Education Webinars

One of our highlights from the UN SDG’s Hackathon was the opportunity to host a dev webinar to participants around the globe. Sergei and Jonathan conducted a live video demonstration to the public, educating on the Orbs blockchain and how to get started with developing on it.

Orbs team representatives  also held an additional webinar, for the first time, to the developers community in Silicon Valley. This webinar included an introduction to the Orbs blockchain, getting started using the Orbs Starter Kit, overview of tooling and more.

A recording of the webinar will be available soon on the Orbs website.

New Orbs Center in Korea

Congratulations all around: The shiny new Orbs Center for Blockchain has officially been opened as part of the Crypto Community Center in Seoul!

Gearing up for Korea Blockchain Week 2019, Orbs representatives in Korea opened the doors to a brand new center for blockchain education in the city center. The center was built to act as an embassy for the technology in general as well as a place to learn more about the future of business use of the Orbs blockchain.


The opening event was a full house, and I’d like to personally invite our readers to come by for a visit :)

ORBS on Metamask 🦊

I’m happy to announce that the staking of ORBS is now easier than ever before, as the token is now searchable on Metamask. Metamask is a popular tool for interacting with Ethereum and ERC20 coins and tokens easily:

You can learn more about becoming a member of the Orbs Proof of Stake universe here.

For more on ORBS on Metamask, and to a deeper dive into the latest in Orbs R&D, check out the last Orbs Tech Update.

Enterprise Use-Case Panel

Orbs team members participated in a very interesting Blockchain Enterprise Use Cases panel as part of Blockchain bridge SF conference  in San Francisco on September 18-19, 2019. Together with AB Inbev, (the world's biggest brewing company) and Strongblock.

Gili discussed the required features for enterprise blockchain: Decentralization, immutability, transparency, cheaper than existing technologies and faster than current solutions and the latest use cases.


Crypto Connection Conference

On September 12th the Orbs team’s trading representative Ilan Sterk moderated a fascinating panel in New York on the topic of "Crypto Connection 2019 - Where the Institutional and Crypto Markets connect". The exceptional panelists were from Gemini Exchange, ErisX Exchange, Hudson River Trading and Murphy & McGonigle.

The panel focused primarily on the use of exchanges and trading platforms, institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies, OTC products and regulations.

Proud of you, Ilan!

KOSDAQ Delegation

As part of the KOSDAQ (Korean Stock Exchange) delegation's visit to Israel, organized by the Yozma Group, Orbs team had the honor of hosting heads of some of Korea's top companies at the HQ in Tel Aviv, demonstrating the project and the Orbs vision as well as showcasing the value of blockchain. The evening was a wonderful gathering will of business potential, and I’d like to thank the attendees for coming to hear about this important project.

Kudos to the presentations translator who didn’t get a moment of rest!


Korea Blockchain Week

The past week was Korea Blockchain Week in Seoul.

It kicked off with a meetup at the new Crypto Community Center, co-sponsored by Orbs and located at the heart of Seoul’s Gangnam quarter. Over 300 people attended the event, hosted by the Orbs team and Bitgosu. The event was live streamed on YouTube to the Korean community.

Aside for our permanent booth, we plan on holding meetups on a regular basis, to better engage with our community and reach out to new audience.


The main event of KBW was D.Fine conference. Orbs was a gold sponsor, with a keynote speech by Daniel and one of the largest booths in the exhibition . Among the speakers were acclaimed industry figures like Nick Szabo, Adam Back, Michael Novogratz, Silvio Micali and others, attracting more than 1,500 attendees. The event was successful, given the interesting meetings we had with potential partners. More to come about our new partnerships in future updates.

Mousebelt Alliance

The Orbs network is designed with an agile, hands-on protocol well-suited to future engineers of the world. For this reason, the Orbs team is excited to join the MouseBelt ecosystem in providing tech education! Putting tech into the hands of the next generation will foster creative use cases that will help reach mass adoption.

The Blockchain Education Alliance will cultivate a network of 20 leaders in both industry and academia to jointly develop educational initiatives to accelerate mass-adoption of blockchain technology. MouseBelt will organize meet-ups, face-to-face meetings, hackathons, and more to support collaboration.

More about Mousebelt here.


Orbs Rewards Distribution

Last week, the Orbs Universe’s SECOND round of Rewards was completed successfully! Thank you to all Orbs community members around the world :)


You can read more about the event in Thursday’s post; 2nd Orbs Rewards Distribution: Summary.


In Case You Missed It:


Upcoming Events

Here are some public events Orbs team members will be attending in October:

DEVCON 5 | Oct 8 – Oct 11, Osaka Japan | https://devcon.org

LA Blockchain Week | OCT 14-18, Los Angeles California | https://lablockchainweek.org/

Blockstack | Oct 23rd, San Francisco California | https://summit.blockstack.org

San Francisco Blockchain Week | Oct 30th | https://sfblockchainweek.io Orbs is hosting an enterprise summit event on October 30th in SF,  and will share more about how the Orbs Network could be the best platform for big enterprise to develop their own blockchain use cases on top of.

Also for November, the Orbs team was chosen to participate in the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) as part of the Israeli pavilion. This event is the largest fintech event in Singapore, hosted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Bank Association. Last year it had 45k attendees from 130 countries! More on the festival at www.fintechfestival.sg.

As with any public event, if you are attending or plan to be in the neighborhood during that time, please feel free to reach out to any of the Orbs team members there! They love meeting fans of the project wherever they may be.


That’s enough from me today! Yours truly is taking a quick vacation to the Far East (xin chào, việt nam!) and will hopefully return with the energy needed to change the world, as planned. Feel free to hit me up on Telegram if you really really miss me.

Hẹn gặp lại :)


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