Orbs January 2022 Update

Olga Chef
Olga Chef


2 years ago


Hey Orbs followers!

The first month of the year has brought with it new beginnings, exciting events, challenging projects and integrations.

Let's dive in this short recap together and see which updates you like the most 🤓

Take a look at some of the highlights:

📌 Orbs Multi-chain Staking Proposal makes the headlines of the top media sources!

📌 The Open DeFi Notification Protocol, powered by Orbs, Launches Public Beta 

📌 Leading DeFi protocols are integrating their platforms into the Open DeFi Notification App

📌 QuickSwap Launches a Dragon's Syrup Pool for Orbs

Orbs Introduces Multi-chain Staking Proposal

🔹The Orbs team proposed utilizing Orbs' hybrid architecture and cross-chain properties to deploy multi-chain Orbs PoS staking, adding Polygon to the existing staking on Ethereum.

🔹The multi-chain staking solution proposed by the team is expected to completely mitigate the current high Ethereum gas costs for Orbs delegators interacting with the Orbs staking contracts.

🔹The end result will, if accepted by the ecosystem, allow Orbs Delegators to have the ability to choose between staking on Ethereum and staking on Polygon, based on their own personal preferences and considerations.

🔹Having the Orbs governance mechanism deployed on multiple chains is a revolutionary and bold move by the Orbs project which conforms with Orbs vision of interoperability across the crypto space.

🔹Right after the proposal release, top media sources featured the event. Read more on: Investing.com, Yahoo, CoinCodex.

Read all about Orbs Multi-Chain Staking on Ethereum and Polygon in the full blog.

The Open DeFi Notification Protocol, powered by Orbs, Launches Public Beta!

🔹The Open DeFi Notification Protocol is a community inspired initiative spearheaded by DeFi.org, to provide users with decentralized and free mobile notifications for crucial on-chain events:

✅ Free for use --- no subscription fees or ads!

✅ Dependable --- never miss an alert

✅ Multi network support --- Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and more

✅ Community-led and open --- public and decentralized alert nodes

🔹We believe that real-time DeFi notifications are a critical piece of the DeFi infrastructure puzzle and its impact on the industry will be massive.

🔹Orbs is excited to be the first project to implement the protocol and contribute to the success of this initiative as part of Orbs' Layer-3 innovation!

🔹The Open DeFi Notification Protocol is now available on both AppStore and Google Play. You're welcome to check it out and try it for yourself.

🔹Right after the launch, top media sources featured the launch. Read more on: Bloomberg, Yahoo, Nasdaq.

Read all about it in the full blog.

Leading DeFi Protocols are Integrating their Platforms into the Open DeFi Notification App

🔹Right from the launch of the Open DeFi Notification Protocol, we already have leading DeFi protocols having their platform integrated into the Notification App! 🦾😎

Launch Partners: 

Orbs, QuickSwap, TraderJoe, Dot.Finance, DinoSwap, Revault Network, WOWSwap, KogeFarm

Supported Networks: 

Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche

QuickSwap Launches a Dragon's Syrup Pool for Orbs

🔹One of the first Orbs integrations was with Polygon. It has been accomplished by bridging the ORBS token into Polygon, and then integrating the bridged Orbs token with QuickSwap, the Polygon DeFi ecosystem's biggest and most active DEX-AMM.

🔹Next, the Orbs Dragon Syrup Pool on QuickSwap went live! The "Dragon's Syrup" program by QuickSwap enables $QUICK token stakers to earn extra rewards by staking their $dQUICK (the asset you receive when you deposit your Quick into the staking contract) to earn tokens that are traded on the DEX.

🔹To make things simple: you can now stake your dQUICK to earn ORBS tokens under 'Farms -> Dragon's Syrup' tab.

Read all about it in the full blog.

And of course, there's so much more coming soon! Keep following and don't miss any important update)

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You'll be hearing from us soon!

Until next time!

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