Orbs Website Update: Expanding on Use-cases Powered by Orbs

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


a year ago


Just over half a year ago, Orbs’ revamped website was released with the launch of the highly anticipated Orbs 3.0.

Alongside a striking new design, the revamped website introduced new content about key building blocks of Orbs 3.0, including Orbs PoS V3: Multichain staking, and Orbs L3 technology.

With the fast pace of development in the Orbs project, it was necessary to issue another smaller revision to the website.

Let's explore what’s new in this latest update…

Powered by Orbs

One of the biggest achievements of the Orbs project in 2022 was the deployment of the Orbs L3 execution services: Orbs Lambda and Orbs VM.

Orb L3, together with the Orbs “engine” - PoS V3, paved the way for developing new L3 applications powered by the Orbs network. Three such applications were launched towards the end of 2022: dTWAP protocol, TON Access and the Open DeFi Notification Protocol, with more in the pipeline…


The updated website contains individual pages for each of these L3 use-cases. Each page contains an overview of each application, developers information for using or integrating the application onto their platforms, recent integrations by Web3 projects, and more…


Updated Web Pages and Content

In addition to featuring Orbs new L3 applications, the revised website contains updated information for various pages with the recent progress of the project, including among others:

1. L3 and Execution Services: This section has been expanded to include 2 separate pages - the first dedicated to Orbs Layer 3 technology, while the second is a more in depth overview of Orbs execution services Lambda and VM.

2. Governance: With the recent introduction of Orbs OIPs and governance votes, the Orbs Governance page contains all of the posts related to community governance of the Orbs Network, making it easy to always be up to date with the latest governance proposals.

3. Developer Documentation: This section contains the recently published Orbs developer documentation, an important initiative by the Orbs R&D team with a goal to streamline development on the Orbs network by developers and contributors from the broad crypto ecosystem.

4. Ecosystem Map: Showcases the Orbs’ ever-expanding ecosystem map. Check it out here for the latest integrations, collaborations and partnerships!

As always, be sure to join the official Orbs Telegram channel and follow the Orbs Twitter account for continuous updates on the Orbs project!

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