The New Orbs Website Promotion Campaign!

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


2 years ago


We are excited to announce the new Orbs website promotion campaign!

We recently announced the launch of the new Orbs website. As you might have noticed, the homepage has an AWESOME new design of rotating globe with pop-up cards, each showing a different element of the Orbs network such as Orbs Guardians, Contributors, and more.

However, there is one important element of the Orbs network that is still missing… the Orbs Delegators of course!

Delegators are ORBS token holders who assign their voting weight (stake) to Guardians, empowering them to maintain security and uphold the ecosystem. They make up an essential part of the Orbs network and as such, deserve a special place in the new website.

Calling All Orbs Delegators!

In this Orbs website promotion campaign, we are looking for Orbs Delegators to be featured in the new homepage!

In order to participate in the campaign, all you need to do is fill up this FORM** and we will pick the top 5 Orbs Delegators to be featured in the new website homepage.

Each campaign winner will have his own customized Delegator card added to the Orbs network globe, and also receive a $100 gift card for the Orbs merchandise shop*:

So what are you waiting for?! Fill up the form for a chance to be named as a top 5 Orbs Delegator and earn eternal glory!

Promotion image

* The Orbs merchandise shop is a non-profit project from the Orbs team for the community. All prices in the shop are the minimum prices set by the platform operator. Orbs does not receive any profit from the selling of products in the shop. ** Orbs reserves the right to use any content that is shared in the attached google form.

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