Orbs is Live on Google Cloud!

Eran Peled
Eran Peled


3 years ago


For Developers, by Developers

We recently announced that Orbs has been fully integrated into Amazon AMI and MS Azure:

Orbs Live on Amazon - AMI Published by AWS Marketplace

Orbs is Live on MS Azure!

From now on, you can also find Orbs on Google Cloud!

Together with AWS and Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud completes the top 3 cloud infrastructure platforms with the vast majority of market share. Having Orbs integrated into all three ensure that the majority of developers will be able to set up a virtual machine image, on the respective platform, containing everything needed to start developing on Orbs.

Click here for instructions on how to use the Orbs Mirror Imaging on AWS, MS Azure, as well as Google Cloud:

From there you will be navigated to the Google Cloud Marketplace where you will be able to find the Orbs Developer Kit. The dev kit will allow you to easily spin up a blockchain infrastructure in a cloud environment to experience developing smart contracts with the Orbs network.

Orbs Push into DeFi

In the past couple of months, the Orbs project has been pushing hard into the DeFi space, with the biggest step so far being the announcement of the Liquidity Nexus,  Orbs’ newest DeFi project,  aiming to enable single-sided yield farming on leading venues. The main idea of DeFi is that every contract is interoperable with every other contract. Since all contracts are pure code with well-defined API’s, working together is easier than ever.  In the new DeFi world, all a developer needs to do is take a look at the contract’s API available to anyone on-chain, and start developing straight away.

Having a strong presence on popular cloud infrastructures makes this process easier than ever, and is another important step for attracting developers towards the Orbs ecosystem.

Learn More

Orbs is a permissionless, open-source blockchain infrastructure project. Blockchain allows communities to collaborate on running systems together, we see this as the next step beyond open source. A critical part of adoption is a hands-on experience by the developers themselves. Creating an optimal developer environment and tools is one of our top priorities.

To learn more about developing on Orbs, hop on to https://docs.orbs.network

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